Mt Tapuae-o-Uenuku via Hodder

Steve Thornley organized the NZAC trip from Wellington to the Inland Kaikoras. This is my first alpine club trip. There are six of us in total.

Friday 10/09/1993
Left on the ferry from Wellington as a group, meeting a taxi van in Picton that will take us up the Hodder.

Saturday 11/09/1993
6:32 am Time to get out of bed and up the river, we stayed in the Haybarn at the Hodder river last night. After breakfast and packing up we headed off up the Hodder.
 It was a bit cold at times in the river and there was snow for the last section. Took five hours forty from hay barn to huts.

Sunday 12/09/1993
Today we climbed Mt Tapuae-o-Uenuku and Alarm up the Staircase Stream route. Left the hut at six forty. Then it took one hour forty to get from the saddle to the top of Alarm.

Monday 13/09/1993
4:00 am Up and breakfast and dressed, Steve, Max, and I off to climb Mitre Peak. Snow getting heavier so  I turned back. It was a nice walk out Max and I both found interesting rocks and where carrying about 5kg out.
Ian Hunt, Steve Thornly
Taxi van picked us up at the hay barn and dropped us back at Picton to catch a ferry back to Wellington.

Map of Area