North Ohau with Tariga

Back in 2010 I bought a copy of Jonathan Kennett's Tararua Adventure Guide and learnt about Chamberlain Creek. Put that one on my hit list, and my daughter decided she wanted to do that trip as well. That is very appealing to do CC with Tariga. Conditional on this is her getting some experience of what the Tararua's is generous for. That is wet, cold, slippery stuff; character forming. So this weekends trip is to introduce Tariga to a similar thing except horizontal rather than vertical. Its such fun to be wandering up the gentle Ohau's in the dark.

Friday 15/08/2014
Eventually left Wellington much later than expected, dropped into visit my parents at Otaki, before we headed off to Poads Road.
Tariga leaving Poads Road
Getting dark thru the bush so we had our torches on before we got to the river. Enjoyed a gentle rain for most of the walk. Saw a single slowly moving eel in the North Ohau and a few crawlies. Cold and wet on arrival. So we got the fire cranked up and cooked food tea, finally off to bed after 0200 hours.
De booting at North Ohau
Saturday 16/08/2014
A relaxing day at North Ohau hut reading ebooks, eating food and collecting wood, all in the sun.

Sunday 17/08/2014
Left the hut once the sun was out for more wet foot river travel.
Tariga at North Ohau hut
At the old log that was spouting birds egg fungi.
Old Log
Looking like Crucibulum laeve
Heading on down and entering gorge proper.
Down North Ohau Gorge
We came to a beach with these bird foot prints, earlier a small black shag had flown up the river, maybe these are from that shag. Must do more watching and checking.
Bird foot prints
Cruising thru the wee rivers.
The river walk can not be considered bad if its smiley time at the end, unless thats happyness to be out of the rivers.
Out of the Ohau
Noticed some interesting fungi in the fields, took a sample and well do a spore print and check the spores out with light microscope for identification.

Trip Times
1711 Head off from Poads Road 
2008 North South Ohau junction
2250 North Ohau hut  
1101 Left North Ohau hut
1247 North South Ohau junction
1250 Lunch time
1340 Off again
1453 Out of the river
1624 Poads Road


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None, as its a regularly visited hut by me.


Jessie and I plan to get to Tutuwai and then do a Reeves Cone loop.

Saturday 09/08/2014
Left Wellington early as we planned to meet up at the new parking place just before Kiwi Ranch at 0700 hours. Road over the Rimutaka's was closed just before Marchant Road, our turnoff. As we where heading to Kiwi Ranch we had no problem driving on. From the car park we can see a dusting of snow on the hills.
DOC car park just before Kiwi Ranch
Packs on and off up the "currently being constructed" track, getting the occasional snow fall. Liked the sign with snow settling.
Looked like it was getting whiter.
Dobson Loop Track
By the time we got to the swing it was looking nice and sort of sunny in the valley.
Tauherenikau Swing Bridge
Got to Tutuwai and did a bit of a clean up, a group had been here since last weekend and left a bit of a mess. This huts got an attraction for the messy trampers. Gathered firewood and got the fire prepped, then headed off up Reeves track into a little bit of snow. Didn't do our planned loop, so its still a future trip.
Heading up Reeves Track
Back down to Tutuwai hut cranked up the fire and settled in for food and some American whiskey before sleep.  Was a clear light night with the moon shine.

Sunday 10/08/2014
An early up and out day, with a crispy frost.
Frost below Tutuwai hut
Trip Times
0730 Left Kiwi Ranch
0923 Smiths Creek
0948 Tauherenikau Bridge
1138 Tutuwai hut
0933 Left Tutuwai hut
1203 Smiths Creek
1354 Kiwi Ranch

Tutuwai in the Rain

Saturday 02/08/2014
A walk in very heavy rain complete with two creek crossings that where difficult. Like the new wallpaper at Smiths Creek, good one VUWTC.
Smith Creek Shelter
Smith Creek Shelter
Took a photo each way of the rising water from the Tauherenikau swing bridge.
Tauherenikau River
Tauherenikau River
Wetter and wetter I sloshed on, camera crashed and would not boot. Too wet.

Had some serious thoughts about crossing the last few streams as they where no gentle ankle crossing, they had become rushing torrents. Got over them by finding safe crossings upstream and finally got to the hut just on dark. Wet right thru, with fire on my mind.

Arrived at Tutuwai and looked like someone had to leave in a rush. They did not have time to pick up their beer can or clean up the half eaten food. Why is it that people come to back country huts and leave rubbish? It happens (seems to be most huts, except hunting huts), so easiest thing is to carry a few spare rubbish bags in your pack. Then when you leave take the offending rubbish with you. Same goes for fire wood, some people burn it all and then leave. Again its easy to replace before leaving, especially since most of the Tararua huts are in forests. Its easier to leave it better than you found it, and enjoy doing so.

Once the hut was warm and toasty dried out my droid and got it functioning. Next one will be a waterproof one.

Sunday 03/08/2014
Did a clean up of Tutuwai hut and carried out tins, bottles, and assorted decaying food items. Visitor..
Trip Times
1407 Headed off up Dobsons from Kiwi Ranch car park
1538 Smiths Creek shelter
1728 Arrived Tutuwai hut
1302 Left Tutuwai hut
1436 Swing Bridge
1457 Smiths Creek shelter
1645 Kiwi Ranch