Unofficial Tararua Range Huts

This list has been collated from multiple sources and includes accidental discovery while out walking in the Tararua Range.The following exist:
The following huts I have not visited and have limited non-web information:
  • Pig Flat Hut (rumour?)
  • Rabbit Flats
  • Makareru Stream (Te Punga Whare)



Anonymous said...

what about the well appointed and dry hut on the ridge to the west of the Makaretu
been there since the late 1990's or the hut on the river below Spion Kop

Anonymous said...

Pigs flat hut is definitely there. Bit run down and not been used for a while . A couple of hundred meters from mountain house shelter.

Anonymous said...

What direction is it from mountain house?

Anonymous said...

Id really like to find it so any extra info would be appreciated.

si-dog said...

I know where Pig Flat hut is and have visited it - keen to exchange coordinates for one of the other "rumoured" huts listed here

Anonymous said...

Do you have any details of this hut west of Makaretu? Or the Hut below spion kop..?

Anonymous said...

Approx coordinates

West Makaretu ridge hut is approx 1797324 5491261 access by following logging tramline from bush edge or climb up from river
Hut on Makaretu below Spion Kop approx co-ordinates 1797324 5491261. Is hidden behind toitoi on river edge at bottom of prominent spur has a picnic table outside. There is a track to it from the low point on the Spion Kop ridge.

Jacs Flat is an official DOC 2 man bivvy 100 meters upstream from slip and rain-gauge on other side. Access is down Shingle Slip ridge to the river and just downstream

Kersh said...

You've got the same coordinates twice there chappy.
Any chance of the other ones please?

Anonymous said...

Info on a few more:

Upper Tauherenikau ( - Removed

Pig Flat - Located at an old campsite in the Ohau. Pretty derelict and not worth visiting (

Mangahao dam / old hunters hut - Shown on topo maps.

Tawirikohukohu - Have not found this one, but have seen photos.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, typo in my above comment. "Pig Flat" should read "Rabbit Flat"

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