Cobb Dam

Tuesday 09/01/2018
Day trip with Duangdao to Cobb Dam with the aim of visiting Trilobite and Mytton's huts.
Cobb Dam power station
Weka stuff hassling for food
Cobb Dam
Trilobite Hut
Not DOCware style sign
Mytton Hut
Mytton Hut
The silverbeach strawberry fungus - Cyttaria gunnii
Picnic lunch time
Looking NE up Cobb
Food time in Takaka

Sentry Box Hut Ruahine

Friday in the North Island so the weekends always start with a long drive before the hut bagging opportunity starts. Yum exercise and much wandering to a new forest for me!

Friday 10/11/2017
Drove to Masters Shelter to add that to the bagging list, then back out on the road heading to Sentry Box car park. Side of the road to park, but lots of space. Several minutes from the car to the empty hut.

Saturday 11/11/2017
Out of bed after ten a.m., nice sleep, none of that road noise or yabbering people that the city is so full of. Steep walk once you leave the hut that's so good for the legs, heart pumping from the start.
Sentry Box Hut
Left Sentry Box quite quickly, and gained altitude into the data zone allowing gratification of two bagged huts. Views back to the valley, seeing my car parked on the road.
View back over valley
Once at the top junction, an easy wander to Parks Peak hut, a bit cold, so gathered firewood for later. After food and drink time to check out the hut down the hill.
Parks Peak Hut
Its a quick walk down the hill, and the hut comes into view several minutes before you arrive. Lots of fresh deer sign around the hut, of just one deer though.
Upper Makororo Hut
This is a very nice setting and a maintained clean hut, good place for an evening with a fire and lots of drams of some peaty monster.
Upper Makororo Hut
Back up the hill to light the fire and feed myself and taste some of the Nikka, that was my trips whisky. Now note I missed the "e". Why did I? Whats going on with this Japanese stuff. There is no "e" on the label.
Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky
Sunday 12/11/2017
Woke to rain, cold icy rain, still seemed like the sun could break thru. Left the hut when the rain stopped.

Dark trees
Undark trees
Empty snail shell on the track, posed it for a photo.
Empty snail
Into the nice track that makes these walks such a joy of the direct sense type with no tangled spaghetti monsters lurking. Soft carpet.
Forest trail
Yep, more forest trail
And then Sentry Box is there and its time to end the weekend and jump in the car and drive and drive.
Sentry Box Hut bringing an end to the weekend
Driving seemed endless.

Trip Times
Friday 10/11/2017
2209 Left car on side of road at the DOC sign to Sentry Box hut
2212 10 minutes to hut sign
2217 Sentry Box hut
Saturday 11/11/2017
1058 Left Sentry Box hut
1233 On top at junction
1302 Parks Peak hut
1405 Left Parks Peak hut
1458 Upper Makororo hut
1525 Left Upper Makororo hut
1657 Parks Peak hut
Sunday 12/11/2017
1043 Left Parks Peak hut, heading to car
1204 Sentry Box hut
1205 Left Sentry Box hut
1211 At car 


No fish! Good clean forest.

Comet Road End

Weather forecast looks ominous, have had this trip in the Northen Ruahine's waiting for a three day weekend, so its Do It! First hut is in the Kaweka's, that is Comet hut, the other four are in the Ruahines.

Friday 20/10/2017
Friday was just a drive up country, didn't even get to the road end on Friday, just passed thru Taihape as it became Saturday.

Saturday 21/10/2017
Got to Comet Road end and parked up beside the empty hut at one thirty in the morning, dragged sleep material inside and crashed. After a beer beer of course.
Can of beer beer outside Comet hut
Woken by someone arriving at seven o'clock, so out of bed, ate breakfast and moved my car from the front of the hut.
Comet Hut
Headed off up the hill, and across the plateau, into the pine trees.
Pine tree place
There is a trig hidden among the pine trees.
The trig
An easy stroll across the flat top and then a nice descent to the Taruarau river, which is a swift pushy waist deep river to cross, and this is with no rainfall. Would not dream of crossing (drowning) this river if I could not see the bottom. There is a fly camp, with fly, each side of the river.
Taruarau River
After the river crossing it is up hill for a bit, with a nice view back to the river.
Looking back down at the river
Shutes hut for lunch was not far away.
Shutes Hut
Here is a view of the inside, quite an interesting hut. The current hut book starts the 20th of January 1985.
Shutes Hut inside
After lunch it was a good walk to Ruahine hut for the evening, with a down and up, and the another down and up. The terrain changed quite a bit over this section.
Ruahine Hut
Interesting comments in the hut book about the painting of the hut. Go there and have a read. Very nice location with some views. Good phone coverage here and in fact most of this trip with spark.

Sunday 22/10/2017
Had a nice relaxing sleep in before heading off to Dianes Hut for lunch. History about this hut is interesting, more detail would satisfy my curiosity.
Dianes Hut
Stopped here for lunch and a rest, then up the hill heading to bag Taruarau biv, before Shutes hut for the night.
Taruarau Biv
Dropped my pack at the junction and did a jog to the biv and back and then off to Shutes. Heading to Shutes could see a change in the clouds with a possibility of rain. This made me change plans and instead of staying the night at Shutes I continued on back to Comet hut. Got there just after dark and as some people seemed to be having a party at the hut decided to head home.

Got home just after 0200 hours Monday morning.

Trip Times
Saturday 21/10/2017
0801 Left Comet Hut
0829 Trig up on the plateua
0939 At the Taruarau river
1030 Shutes Hut
1127 Left Shutes Hut
1336 Koau Stream
1400 Left Koau stream
1653 Ruahine Hut
Sunday 22/10/2017
1101 Left Ruahine hut
1222 Track off road down to Dianes hut
1310 Dianes Hut
1452 Left Dianes hut
1554 At Taruarau Shutes Diane junction 
1602 Taruarau Biv
1616 Back at the junction
1741 Shutes Hut
1749 Left Shutes hut
1808 Tent fly campsite at Taruarau river
1828 Crossed the river snacked and heading up the hill
2037 Back to Comet hut

NZTopo50-BK37 Tikokino
NZTopo50-BJ37 Kuripapapango

Arahura Harman Crawford Styx Rivers

Our annual trip, our being Anthony and I,  that last year and this year focused on the remote huts on the West Coast of South island.

The whisky for this trip was the Limited Edition 8 year old Lagavulin; a very fine dram it turned out to be. I much prefer it to the older 16 year old.
Lagavulin 8yo
Photos by both of us, mine with a 72dpi HTC OPJA10 mobile phone and Anthony's with a 300dpi Nikon Cool-pix AW130.
Monday 06/03/2017
Anthony picked me up from Motueka and we then drove to Hokitika and where brunching in the same cafe as last year at ten o'clock.

Arriving at the road end, went thru a gate and on up a gravel road to start on the Arahura Valley track.
Anthony and vehicle
DOCware for the access
Headed off along the farm track and could see the ridge I wanted to go up, was a very interesting looking ridge.
Looking to our destination, ridge to left of big slip
Was not far to the swing bridge across the wash pool,
Chains for the slippery bit
Our first swing bridge across the Arahura
View towards the route to Brown?
Checked out the idea I had and it was a failure, could go, not today. The failure to go up the route I wanted to... so off to Lower Arahura Hut, this turned out for the best, as it allowed Anthony to come up with a side wander that defined the whole trip more of this later.
Anthony at the happy
The river valley
More some valley
And on up we went in that drizzle stuff heading for our first hut.
Anthony cruising
Turning to a valley
Our destination for the first day
My own failure, got to Jade Creek, such a slippery place didn't get onto the ridge for Lower Olderog bivouac. On the way back bashed thru the scrub to an unnamed hut on the map.
Heading up
Is a great wee valley
Missed it this trip, sure I just wanted to be back there checking out that eight year old Lagavulin.

6th March 2017

Tuesday 07/03/2017

We went from Lower Arahura hut with a visit to Newton Creek hut for lunch, then to Mudflats hut for the night. The day was drizzle with some rain until 2.00pm when it became sunny.
Heading up the Arahura
Heading up the side creek away from the river
Crossing the Arahura to Newton Creek hut track
Swing bridge across Arahura to Newton Creek hut
Track along the Arahura
Then up it goes, with the drizzle and cloud no views where had. From the top a short wander down to the hut for lunch.
At the top before descending to Newton Creek hut
Anthony at lunch
Ian at lunch
By the time we had finished lunch the sun was out, our cloths where drying and the day picked up.
Newton Creek Hut
When we left it was with views.
Looking South up the Arahura, earlier no view...
View South up the Arahura
View from the swing bridge
This could be the mud flats?
Headed on and the sun grew warm late in the day and we got towards the swing to the hut. The flats where nice and grassy.
Anthony crossing the swing to Mudflats hut
Mudflats hut was nice and clean apart from a tray of old eggs, bit chilly of a night, could have had a fire.
Tuesday 7th March 2017
 Wednesday 08/03/2017
The first two days where just walks in the drizzle. This day the sun came out and we had a diff trip, with me bagging Campbell bivouac on the way to Harman hut, and Anthony taking the direct route.

Off on the way to

Thursday 09/03/2017
Well this was Anthony's rabbit trick and a mighty fine one it turned out to be, and the top  speed of 46.9km/h is a significant error.
Want to propose a name for the pass, Needle Pass, has this sticking up.
Needle Pass

Friday 10/03/2017
Another most awesome day, with heat.

Saturday 11/03/2017
Home day and its all about getting out quickly

Jog time.... picked up by the farmer.

Map of Trip

Monday 06/03/2017
0610 Anthony picked me up from Motueka for our drive to Hokitika
1004 Hokitika and brunching on food
1128 At the Styx Road end
1200 Off up our ridge, fail, back...
1515 At Lower Arahura Hut
1615 Off to Lower Olderog Bivouac
1731 Turned back as decided I would be too slow
1840 Back at Lower Arahura hut
Tuesday 07/03/2016
0833 Left Lower Arahura Hut
Swing Bridge
Newton Creek Hut
1427 Left Newton Creek Hut
1545 At track junction with "2 Hour" sign
1657 At swing before hut
1704 At Mudflats hut
Wednesday 08/03/2017

0925 Left Mudflats hut
1009 Into the river hopping bit
1020 Up side creek
1320 Campbell Bivouac
1423 Left Campbell Bivouac
1659 Into and across the river
1712 On the track
1741 Track junction
1853 Harman Hut
Thursday 09/03/2017
0928 Left Harman Hut
1200'ish Into the creek for lunch
1300 Heading up the gut to the prominent needle
1746 At Top Crawford Hut
Friday 10/03/2017
Left Top Crawford Hut

Saturday 11/03/2017
Left Grassy Flats Hut