Boulder Lake - Kahurangi National Park

Saturday 19/09/2020

A nice drive over the Takaka hill and onto Collingwood then past the Bainham store and over that James Road Right Branch bridge to park up spot with an intentions book.

Walk time. Says eight to ten hours, had read a horror story of "its twelve hours!".  For me this weekend, traveling light, with good weather was a cruise of seven hours each way including photo and food stops.

At the hut, only one there. Nice old historic hut, aint sleeping in it.

Boulder Lake Hut Historic

Reckon this is a good shower in the summer.

Suspicion Creek Waterfall

Sunday 20/09/2020

Up once the sun was good and warm and the frost was melting.

Breakfast and coffee and a read for an hour or so, then firewood mission.

Boulder Lake Hut
 Walk time back to the car, much better views than the previous day.

Boulder Lake

Map Diff

Trip Times

Saturday 19/09/2020

1009 Left car

1144 Lookout Knob

1218 Junction with map marked track

1332 Beathams Clearing

1557 Cow Saddle

1650 Boulder Lake

1708 Boulder Lake Hut

Sunday 20/09/2020 

1023 Left Boulder Lake Hut

1148 Cairn at top of Brown Cow Ridge, snack time

1350 Beathams Clearing

1534 Junction where the map track ends

1600 Lookout Knob

1714 At the car

Granity Pass Hut

Sunday 26/07/2020

Left Motueka mid day and drove to the end of the Wangapeka road, taking the ridge track to Granity Pass hut.

Monday 27/07/2020

Not up too early as it was a bit frosty, waited for sunshine, then same way back to car.