Elder Hut

Elder Hut
Paul and I head to Elder Hut from Otaki Forks. This is all about going somewhere cause there is a hut to stay in and I think its our first time to this hut. Its a hut bagging trip really. Probably I now will make an effort to visit every hut in the Tararuas.

Friday 5/12/2008
2015 Left Otaki Forks for Field hut
2230 At Field hut. Had a nice single cask 10yo Ardbeg at 50%.

Saturday 6/12/2008
0840 Left Field Hut.
0920 At the Penn creek turn off. Its a sunny day. Could be a long one.
1050 On Bridge Peak having a snack. Hot day.
We got to Kime and realised that as the weather was good we could just let it all go and become a bit more dimensional than normal. Sometime later the world slipped and we where one.
Meet a Peacock at Elder hut. Poor thing kept walking around the hut making hooting noises.

Sunday 7/12/2008
0815 Left Elder hut, a bit of a slow journey up onto the range.
1145 At Kime hut had a cup of tea and a bit of a snack and then off to Otaki Forks via Field Hut.

Field Hut
Kime Hut