Kehu Peak Nelson Lakes

Ben Winubst and I off for a climb of Kehu via the Begley. This is one of my all time climb favorites in Nelson Lakes National Park. Perfect weather and climb conditions.
Ian Hunt Kehu Peak, Mt Travers in back left, Mt Hopeless middle
Trip Times

Saturday 08/09/2001
0800 We left nelson.
0916 Getting key for access
1030 Into the river.
1230 Parked, lunch and all good.
1320 Walking up the Begley.
1620 Found a camp site. Pitched tent. Found water. Food time.

0400 Out of bed,
0505 Heading off. Lovely conditions on the way up. The key is a small gulley near the top.
0810 On top of Kehu, on the way down we needed to use a rope.
0940 Finished rope stuff.
1055 Back at tent for munchy time.
1145 left our camp site.
1330 Eating lunch at the Begly just after the boggy clearing above the river.
1505 At Ben's car.

A Map of the wander