Parawai Lodge

Saturday 28/09/2014

Drove to Otaki Forks and wandered into Parawai Lodge to get a photo of the hut as I discovered I did not have one. So I did a sort of a day walk that was more time spent driving.
Parawai Lodge
Parawai Lodge
Parawai Lodge Internals
More internals

Mount Ruapehu - Round the Mountain a Wee Bit

As requested drove Tariga and Beatrix to National Park so they could have a couple of days of skiing, and I could go for a walk. We drove off Saturday morning on State Highway 1, 3, 4 to get to National Park, a route void of traffic. Weather looking OK, really a very fine day as we approached our destination. Mt Egmont was visible. That's it all the real high mountains that the North has to offer we could see.
Mount Ruapehu
Stopped for photos, in case it clouded later.
Tariga and Beatrix
Arrived National Park early afternoon and dropped the skiers off at Howards Mountain Lodge, then State Highway 47 and 48.

Saturday 30/08/2014
Parked up at Whakapapa opposite DOC. Popped in for a look and got BJ34 to assist my wander, then sat outside drinking a coffee and planning which way I would wander off.  Easy decision as BJ34 dosn't have East of Whakapapa so West towards Whakapapaiti I went. Loved the scenery and with the temperature it was a nice walk.
Mt Ngauruhoe
Slipper Gully
Forest view
Mt Ruapehu
Whakapapiti Hut
Hut with a full wood shed and a seat with a view of Whakapapa Skifield.

Sunday 31/08/2014
Wander across a landscape rich in reddish brown color reminding me of Central Otago around Alexandra heading to Mangaturturu hut.
Makatote and Manganui-ote-Ao river valleys
 Can see where I will be walking for the next couple of hours.
Mangaturuturu Hut
Another stocked wood shed and seat with views of yet another ski field.

Monday 01/09/2014
A reverse of yesterdays walk with different weather, slight rain with little wind. Much less view stops due to the cold.
Lake Surprise
The cold place
Walking thru the cold place I passed the only person I saw heading to where I had left and I was heading to where he had left, we stopped for a brief hello as the weather was not suited for idle conversation.

Tuesday 02/09/2014
Last day of being here and not many hours back to the car. Did a tidy of the hut and left wood for the next visitors. This is a nicely situated hut and is warm and comfortable. Can see myself returning here.
Interior Whakapapaiti hut
Pinnacle Ridge
A nice easy walk that got a bit iffy after I wrenched my knee and sprained my ankle in the last snow slope before Bruce Road. At least the sealed roads are easy to walk on.
Bruce Road
Trip Times
Saturday 30/08/2014
1430 Left car at Whakapapa
1717 Whakapapaiti hut
Sunday 31/08/2014
0954 Left Whakapapaiti hut
1005 Junction
1358 Lake Surprise
1426 Mangatururu hut
Monday 01/09/2014
0904 Left Mangaruruturur hut
0938 Lake Suprise
1251 Junction
1301 Whakapapaiti hut
Tuesday 02/09/2014
0749 Left Whakapapaiti hut
0749 Junction
0826 Bruce Road
0911 At the car

Map Stuff
A few of the NZ Topo50's  are needed as follows:
  • BH34 Raurimu
  • BH35 Turangi
  • BJ34 Mount Ruapehu
  • BJ35 Waiouru

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