Neill Forks Hut

A trip with Jessie to Neill Forks hut, we wanted to go further however the weather was wet, the wet that was rain most of the weekend.

Saturday 20/06/2015
We arrived at Holdsworth car park and it was raining, so we got ourselves ready in the shelter.
Jessie and car at the shelter
We left in the rain and got wet very quickly in the heavy rain. We arrived still wet at Totara Flats, stopped for hot drink and snacks. Headed off to Neill Forks in the rain.
Totara Flats hot drink time
Got to Neill Forks in heavy rain. At least there we got a fire going and warmed the hut up and dried out our cloths. Very comfy night.

Saturday 21/06/2015
We left in the rain and got wet very quickly.
Neill Forks Hut DocWare
Heading up to Cone was a bit wet and cold.
Jessie heading up to junction on Cone
We got to Totara Flats hut where it was not raining.
Totara Flats hut
Stopped for a snack and then off again.
Jessie on the swing, river down
Back out to the car park with a few minor views on the way.
A view! Not raining.

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Trip Times
Could not do times easy as it rained such a lot that I did not do any recording.

Saturday 20/06/2015
1250 Left Holdsworth car park
1530 At Totara Flats hut
too much rain, but onto Neill Forks.
Sunday 21/06/2015
0955 Left Neill Forks hut
1131 On Cone Ridge
1307 Totara Flats hut
1358 Left Totara Flats hut
1705 At Holdsworth car park