South Ohau Longer Way

Planned on a Friday night journey up the Ohau to South Ohau hut, however the rain of Friday put me off that. So I left late Saturday morning thinking the river would have gone down.

Saturday 17/11/2012
I left late in the afternoon expecting the water level to be down. I carried on up to the fly camp and found the water swift and deep. Decided that it was not a good idea to continue, so I headed back and then walked up Gables.
Misty Flats
Woodshed spider
Sunday 18/11/2012
The walk down the river was slow as it was still quite deep and raining.
South Ohau hut
Into the river
Trip Times
Saturday 17/11/2012
1535 Left Poads Road end
1634 Into the river
1645 Fly camp
1720 Back at Gables
1929 Junction at end of Gables
2011 Junction down to South Ohau
2050 South Ohau hut

Sunday 18/11/2012
1344 Left South Ohau hut
1616 North South Ohau junction
1654 Out of the river
1803 Poads Road end

Neill Forks Waiohine Loop Not

A trip with Martin to do the Neill Forks Waiohine loop from Holdsworth car park, that did not work out due to leg muscle failure.

Friday 09/11/2012
Left work at lunch time to get and drove from Wellington to Holdsworth road end. We headed off from the car park just before four p.m. and got to Totara Flats hut before seven p.m.
Flowers at Rocky
Mitre in the distance from near Rocky Lookout
Martin on Swing to Totara Flats Hut
Got to Totara Flats hut before seven p.m. and stopped for a drink and snack before heading off to Neill Forks.
Flowers on way up Cone
Got to Neill Forks in the dark, an evening of nice travel.

Saturday 10/11/2012
A good day and so we headed off up to Maungahuka for lunch on our way to Mid Waiohine. Good views once out of the bush.
Alpine flowers
Tararua Peaks
We did it in a good time and that may be what blew out the muscles, lots of pretty alpine flowers where out. Had a nice long lunch at the hut for some rest and relax as we had decided to abort the trip to Mid Waiohine and return to Neill Forks.
Classic view Maungahuka Hut
Maungahuku Hut
Tararua Peaks
Swing over river Hector
Back at Neill Forks hut.

Sunday 11/11/2012
Go home day so not too early leaving the hut. A shattering journey for one, with gathering clouds and by the time we left Totara Flats it was raining.
Totara Flats hut
Trip Times
Friday 09/11/2012
1540 Left Holdsworth car park
1041 Rocky lookout
1848 Totara Flats hut
1922 Left Totara Flats hut
2130 Neill Forks hut turn off on Cone Ridge
2227 Neill Forks hut
Saturday 10/11/2012
0924 Left Neill Forks hut
1229 On top of Maungahuka
1234 Maungahuka hut
1436 Left Maungahuka Hut
1445 On top of Mangahuka
1515 Into the bush
1717 Neill Forks hut
Sunday 11/11/2012
1014 Left Neill Forks hut
1130 Cone Ridge
1250 Totara Flats hut
1513 Left Totara Flats hut 
1755 Pig Flat junction
1814 Rocky Lookout
1854 At Holdsworth car park


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