Park River

Jessie and Ian meet up on Friday night to cruise into South Ohua and have a Saturday walk to Te Matawai to drop into Park Valley for a recon of a future Park Valley Waiohine river trip.

Friday 05/04/2013
We meet up at Poads Road end before 2000 hours and headed off together up to South Ohau hut. Weta not digital cruising about the river bed.
Got there in a nice respectable three hours. And once there got the fire going and did the couch trick and relaxed with beer for me and tea for Jessie :-).

Saturday 06/04/2013
A good start to Saturday by heading up the hill to Te Matawai. Got to the hut and did a fire wood prep for Saturday evening. No axe? And a broken window pane!

To fill the day we headed off for a day walk to Arete hut and a desire to drop into the Park river for a look see. Great weather with only occasional clag and smattering of rainbows.
And then a wander down into the Park vallley. Good fun

Sunday 07/04/2013
This was a very special day, I got from South Ohau hut to the fly camp without getting my feet wet. Special in that there was almost no water in the creeks.

Trip Times

Friday 05/04/2013
2052 Left Poads road end
2153 Into the warm shallow river..
2229 At North South junction
2359 South Ohau hut
Saturday 06/04/2013
1052 Left South Ohau hut
1149 Junction
1202 Otaki River turnoff
1215 Te Matawai hut
Sunday 07/04/2013

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