Just a cruise in one night to Waitewaewae hut (YTYY) from Otaki Forks and slow walk out the next day.

Saturday 12/10/2013
Typical late start, after a visit to Mum and Dads at Otaki, dosn't take long to get to the boiler, an hour to an hour and a quarter.
Boiler for log hauling for Corrigans Mill 1930's?
Lightening and thunder just before dark as I went through the forest past the saddle. Got there via high water route as wasn't sure of water level,  nice clean hut, got a fire going, built a sofa, and drank Lagavulin and ate some very yummy food. Tofu sausage in a bulghar dish.

Sunday 13/10/2013
Late morning out of bed and some hut tidy and fire wood collection. Talked with foreign man who arrived from that Nichols hut, which is one of my favourites. Thats got to be one of the best huts to experience a storm.

Wandered out slowly after lunch, checked out the ever growing slip.
Slip 13/10/2013
Trip Times
Saturday 12/10/2013
1621 Left car at Otaki Forks car park
1736 At the old boiler
2027 At YTYY hut
Sunday 13/10/2013
1318 Left YTYY hut
1621 At old boiler
1749 At car


Early Settlement of Otaki Forks

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