Trips to Do

North Island

  • Toka Biv (Do as a day walk from Limestone Road End 
  • Waitaanga Forest (3 huts, 1 weekend) 
  • Kaweka Trip II (7 - 9 huts) - drive to Mangatutu Hot Springs Road End and walk into Makino Hut for Friday night; Saturday bag Mangaturutu Hut, Venison Tops Hut for lunch and do a Rocks Ahead Hut and Rocks Ahead Biv bag, then onto Ballard Hut for the night; Sunday Middle Hill hut for lunch and do a bag of Kaweka Flats Biv and Iron Whare
  • Drive to Poads road end and walk up to Arete, down park valley to park forks and back to arete up waiohine valley
  • Ruamahanga river track from Mt Bruce road end into Roaring Stag. Up to Cattle Ridge and along to Waingawa down to Cow Saddle and back out Ruamahanga to Mt Bruce road end
  • Into Cow Creek and up "track not maintained" to Waingawa, over Bannister to Arete down Pinnacle spur to Arete Forks hut. Then down the river to Cow creek
  • Into Cow Creek and up river to Arete Forks. Up Pinnacle spur and down Waiohine Pinnacles to Tarn Ridge hut and around to Brockett, down Table Ridge and off spur to Arete Forks hut. Back out down the river
  • To Kime hut, then next day from below Kime or from Boyd-Wilson drop into headwaters of Hector river and go down to Neil Forks hut. Sunday come out via Mungahuka
  • Puketurua track to Herepai
  • Chamberlain Creek
  • Schormann's-Kaitoke
  • Walk into North Ohau hut and head up Toilet track to point 918m, then NE to 1040m, then North to Tawirikohukohu 1049m. From here using ridge or creek combo head West to head waters of North Ohau, then head South down the North Ohau river to North Ohau hut

South Island

West Coast

    • Mt Brown Hut
    • Newton Range Biv
    • Lower Olderog Biv 
    • Top Olderog Biv 
    • Griffin Creek Hut
    • Rocky Creek Hut
    • Scottys Biv
    • Dunns Creek Hut


    Nelson Lakes

    • Lees Creek and climb peak 2015 Raglan Range
    • Nelson Lakes to Lewis Pass

    Kakapo Hut

    New Zealand Tramper states "Sections of the original tracks to this hut have become overgrown or obliterated by slips but it is easy enough to get to if you are competent at untracked bush travel."


    Sawcut Gorge

    All the following copied from a DOC page:
    Map: Topo50 BS28 Kekerengu.
    Map Ref: View Larger Topographic Map
    Turn off State Highway 1 on the north side of the Waima River Bridge 55 km south of Blenheim (72 km north of Kaikoura) into the Waima/Ure Valley and follow the narrow gravel road up to Blue Mountain Station, 12 km from State Highway 1.

    The access to this area is through private property, please respect this by leaving the gates as you find them and parking appropriately. 2WD vehicles must angle park right to the edge of the drive in the carpark at Blue Mountain Station homestead. 4WD vehicles may go down to the lower carpark or onto the riverbed but are not to cross the river.

    Follow the route from the Blue Mountain Station carpark to Sawcut Gorge (1 hr 30 min).
    Beyond the gorge the marked route continues in the riverbed for an hour to Isolation Hut. From here further marked routes give opportunities for exploring the surrounding hills and vegetation, for hunting or a climb up Ben More (1244 m).

    Trampers staying in Isolation Hut are asked to write their name on the white board at Blue Mountain Station and sign the visitors book. This is to allow other trampers to see who is in the area and staying in the hut and whether they need to carry a tent.

    The marked route starts from the riverbed. From here, look out for the orange triangles directing walkers in and out of the riverbed.

    After 45 minutes to an hour walking and crossing the river several times, you arrive at the reserve boundary. From here the route leaves the riverbed for a short while then meets Isolated Creek.
    After 30 minutes you reach the spectacular Sawcut Gorge. The stream flows through this chasm, which is 150 metres deep, but in places, is only 2 metres wide.