Heaphy Huts Day

Duangdao, Tariga, and I camping at Kohaihai over the christ space myth period of 24th to 29th to get away from the insanity of the religious zealots and the mass marketing of the buy buy buy people.

A day walk and back to Heaphy Huts from Kohaihai beach. To me this is the best bit of the Heaphy track. This section of the track should not be walked fast, its a chunk of NZ that needs at least a full day of time as there are many places to stop and relax. Places to swim and just look at the place.

Trip Times
1101 Left Kohaihai.
1130 Scotts Beach sign.
1152 Swanburn Bridge
1201 Koura Bridge.
1224 Twin Beach.
1225 Katipo Shelter.
1243 20 Minute Beach.
1304 Wekakaura.
1316 Heaphy Beach.
1332 Sign with :Hut 1km"
1342 Heaphy Hut.
1410 Left Heaphy Hut.
2 hours 42 minutes for 16 - 18km.

Map of Trip Area

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