Neill Forks Hut

30/06/2012 Saturday
A solo Saturday afternoon wander to Neill Forks hut. A great hut for the winter time as it has a warm stove and always lots of wood available.
A nice walk into Totara Flats hut and a stop for a cup of tea before continuing. Once up on Cone ridge with the temperature dropping had to stop and put hat and gloves on.
Got to Neill Forks and first thing was to crank up the fire. Then cook food and relax with a nice whisky.

01/07/2012 Sunday
Hut has had a good cleanup and paint job since I was here last August.
Neill Forks hut
Left after lunch and a wee wander down the river, that was too cold to continue.

Trip Times
Saturday 30/06/2012
1431 Left Holdsworth carpark
1512 Rocky Lookout
1519 Left Rocky Lookout
1540 Totara Flats turnoff
1653 Totara Flats hut
1723 Left Totara Flats hut
1939 Neill Forks turnoff on Cone Ridge
2033 Neill Forks hut
Sunday 01/07/2012
1222 Left Neill Forks hut
1341 On Cone Ridge
1504 At Totara Flats hut
1531 Left Totara Flats hut
1724 Totara Flats turnoff
1744 Rocky Lookout
1824 Holdsworth Road end

Kiwi Saddle Hut Kahurangi National Park

A knee testing trip to Kiwi Saddle Hut with Anthony and a possible wander up the top depending on the wx.

Sunday 24/06/2012
Left Motueka and drove to Tapawera then thru Tadmor and finally to Rolling Junction towards the end of Wangapeka River Road. We parked here and headed up the Wangapeka track.
We walked for three hours to the Kiwi track junction on the way having a view of the top of Mt Patriarch obscured by cloud, the intended destination.
And always some interesting fungi along the way.
Stoney Creek route looks like an interesting way to gain the summit of Patriarch crossing the two southern peaks first. Its an old North West Nelson Forest Park sign, probably from late 1980's.
We crossed over the Wangapeka swing bridge and this is where we left the Wangapeka track
The Kiwi Stream swing bridge is a recently completed swing bridge and now means that when heavy rain falls, you are no longer stuck waiting for the stream to go down.
We headed up to Kiwi Saddle hut using our torches for the last hour, arriving at the hut just after 1800 hours.
Got the fire going, and then the usual eat, drink, check the snow(not much at all), and then sleep.
Monday 25/06/2012
Shitty weather, sleet, rain, some wind so we walked back. Kiwi Sadlle hut is a typical little six bunker.
Heading off in the morning, a bit chilly.
Patriarch obscured by cloud.
Several hours later it sort of cleared a bit.
A quicker trip out as all down hill.
Map of Route
Hut was clean, fire is open and can get a bit smokey if the wood is not pushed back. Whisky was Ardbeg 10yo, really nice with a smokey fire. No wee books of imaginary friends to send back.

DOC's Kiwi Saddle Hut info
BQ23 Linz topo Wangapeka Saddle

Te Matawai

Looks like some heavy weather this weekend so decided to head to Te Matawai hut either up South Ohau or Waiopehu. All depends on the temperature Friday evening.

Friday  15/06/2012
Its was cold and with a late start time of ten thirty Friday evening the river route lost. Walking to Wiaopehu with what looked like potential rain later. Spotted some nice mushrooms on a dead stump.
As I got close to Wiaopehu the rain turned to snow that was settling. Got there after one, not too cold.

Saturday 16/06/2013
Walking to Te Matawai today and probably nothing more than gathering firewood as Im wearing light shoes. Didnt expect snow, the view from the hut in the morning.
The trig looks like a 1920's Scifi prop with a time travellers grave.
Later looking back into the grey with the ice track ribbon.
Love the winter with fresh snow and the way the light is so much more bright.
Near the junction see another mushroom.
Snow in forest
View from chopper pad
Sunday 17/06/2012
Left Te Matawai after lunch heading down to South Ohau to check the water temperature. Got to South Ohau and its still a bit chill and the water temperature is very chill. Had a cuppa in the hut and then decided that the escape route was a better choice than the very cold feet route.

Te Matawai

Queens Birthday weekend tramp in the Tararua's on my own, weather not too good. Just want to go some where walking in the rain, getting wet and have a fire sipping whisky and reading some books.

Friday 01/06/2012
Got to Poads Road end at and headed off to South Ohau just before 10pm. What a cold trip, the walk up the river was numbing cold and I did not get to South Ohau hut until after one on Saturday morning.  I did not know if I had any feet. Had to get a fire going and warm up, so hit the sack eventually sometime after three in the morning.

Saturday 02/06/2012
Did not wake up until mid day and had a slow lunch and finally left South Ohau after three and headed off up to Te Matawai. Dumped my gear and went for a quick walk up to Pukematawai while there where views.
Yeates track Junction
Sunday 03/06/2012
Not much done today as its a bit claggy. The hut weta did provide some interest in the evening.
Monday 04/06/2012
The best day so far and Im walking out down South Ohau. A bit of a view as I left Te Matawai. Walked with this other guy who had a shooter and was wearing a hat. There where three of us solo wanderers in the hut last night.
Te Matawai - view from chopper pad
The guy with a shooter wearing a hat
Trip Times
Friday 01/06/2012
2152 Left Poads Road car park
0102 South Ohau hut
Saturday 02/06/2012
1524 Left South Ohau hut
1627 yeates junction
1656 Te Matawai hut
Monday 04/06/2012
0936 Left Te Matawai
0958 Yeates track junction
1037 At South Ohau hut
1054 Left South Ohau hut
1214 North South Ohau junction
1405 Poads Road