Tararua Forest Park - Waiotauru Hut

Sunday 10/11/2019

Wanted to bag the new Waiotauru hut. Day walk. Hut bag. With Joe Upstairs. And lots of rain.
Waiotauru hut
At the new not complete some what un-doc like hut.
Roof trusses
The interior?
Took two hours and fifteen to get to the hut and two hours and fifty one minutes to get back, really hammered by the rain. Interior of the hut has potential to put a fire, some bunks, maybe even a small whisky bar, and stage for the dancing girls.
Waiotauru River
Trip Times

0839 Left car
1054 At the hut
1125 Left the hut
1406 Back at the car

Waiotauru Hut

Mt Richmond Forest Park - Captains Creek Hut

Not an over night stay walk, just a hut bag on the way home from Cullens creek hat bag, heading into Captains Creek hut for a tranquil river side evening meal.
Just about at road end
Cruising lite means the DOCware times are way off.
DOC Information
A very nice river side walk with a small two or three hundred meter climb, GPS location dosn't match quite a bit of the track.
Pelorous River
Beautiful clear pools
Occasional views of the ranges
Emerald Pools area.
Emerald Pools
Captains Creek Hut
Lots of people at the hut, many camping and a full hut, glad I’m not staying. Enjoyed my dinner at the riverside, even though a few sandflies had me for dinner.
Dinner at the river
One wee swing on the walk, crossed on way out as light was fading.
Swing bridge
Good easy fast walk out, getting dark, got to the end without a torch, tripped on roots and kicked a few stone though!
Track End
Trip Times

Saturday 02/11/2019

Road End to Captains Creek Hut
1510 Turning into Mt Richmond Forest Park road
1517 At road end, sorting pack etc
1530 Heading off on the track
1542 At the swing bridge
1554 At the Mount Richmond Forest Park boundry
1605 Emerald Pool
1746 Experimental area - barbed wire fence
1748 Sign pointing to Captains Creek hut
1748 At Captains Creek hut - a few tents and many people here
Total Time: 2 hours 38 minutes

Captains Creek Hut to Road End
1826 Left Captains Creek hut heading back to car
2000 At Emerald Pool
2015 Swingbridge
2038 Off the track, back at the car
Total Time: 2 hours 10 minutes

Cullen Creek Hut
Captains Creek Hut

Cullens Creek Hat Bag

This trip was a hut bag at an area, Cullensville, once gold mined, good DOC reference here, have to go back to complete the whole track and check out the gold mine workings at the Waikakaho road end.
Short History
A very hot trudge uphill in full on sun, hottest day Ive had a walk since winter! With 25.8 recorded at 3.15 p.m.
From Motueka took, about two hours too drive
to the car park near the end of Cullensville Road.
Car Park Cullensville Road
Interesting info on the board, photos a bit faded, this one shows the recorded amount of gold obtained:
Gold mined record
Walk along the old miners track.
Road leading to miners track
View across valley
Miners track
The derelict hut marked on the map, as there is an old fireplace here, it does seem a reason to have derelict marked, however should also have the hut that exists marked as private.
Private hut
Old fireplace
Private hut
Back at the car and off to the next hut bag.

Trip Times
Saturday 02/11/2019
1208 Headed off to bag the hut
1303 At the hut
1358 Back at the car

Linkwater School WX station
DOC Waikakaho Cullen Creek information

Tararua Forest Park - Powell Hut IV

A Saturday afternoon day trip to the Eastern Tararua's to check out the new Powell Hut.
Ranges SW
Waiohine River
Ridge to Powell Hut
Powell Hut IV
Powell Hut IV
Trip Times

Saturday 26/10/2019
1437 Left Wellington
1621 Left Holdsworth car park
1743 Mountain House Shelter
1841 Powell Hut
1921 Mountain House
1938 Junction
2030 At the car park

Mount Richmond Forest Park - Mt Sunday

Day trip with Anthony to bag Mt Sunday bivvy in the Mt Richmond Forest park. Was cold on the top with a bit of wind.
Start of the walk
Nice and steep in places
Then cruisey flat bits
And good views
Anthony and the trees
Heading towards the top ridge
Top ridge
We enjoyed the view
Mt Sunday Bivvy
Tree needed a photo
Water Barrel
Back to the car
Map of Walking Track
The road end and track start on Topo50 BQ27 need updating.
Mt Sunday Bivvy track
Trip Times

Saturday 19/10/2019
0816 Started walking from car park
0927 Stopped for snack time
0948 Walking again
1147 Mt Sunday Bivvy for lunch
1223 Left  Bivvy
1449 Back at car

Mount Richmond forest park access
Northbank Road Access
Mt Sunday Bivvy

Howard Valley Road

Tuesday 9th September 2019
A day trip with Anthony to bag the three huts easily accessible from the Howard valley road, Booth's hut up Louis Creek and the two Maud huts up the Maud Creek.
DOC Howard Valley info
Drove a wee way up Monument Road off Howard Valley road, parked oppisite the monument.
Not too far from the road end, just a slight up hill ramble to this old family home looking a bit jaded, last sorted 1995. Needs attention soon.
Booth Cottage
Interesting old cable excavator from 1950's made by Jaques Australia on the way up Maud Creek.
Jaques Excavator
Aim was to have lunch at Maud Valley hut, however its a bit of mess with high rat occupancy.
Maud Valley Hut
Maud Valley Hut
So back down the track and lunch at the big rock in the sun.
Lunch Rock
Jaques cable excavator
Last hut visited was Maud Hut on our way back to road end.
Maud Hut - effects by google photo

Booths Cottage
Maud Valley Hut
Maud Hut