Tararua Forest Park - Waiotauru Hut

Sunday 10/11/2019

Wanted to bag the new Waiotauru hut. Day walk. Hut bag. With Joe Upstairs. And lots of rain.
Waiotauru hut
At the new not complete some what un-doc like hut.
Roof trusses
The interior?
Took two hours and fifteen to get to the hut and two hours and fifty one minutes to get back, really hammered by the rain. Interior of the hut has potential to put a fire, some bunks, maybe even a small whisky bar, and stage for the dancing girls.
Waiotauru River
Trip Times

0839 Left car
1054 At the hut
1125 Left the hut
1406 Back at the car

Waiotauru Hut

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Mary Legg said...

Nice Post. Thanks for the info. Just reading in Wilderness mag Oct 2021 about how bad it was in 2014.