Cullens Creek Hat Bag

This trip was a hut bag at an area, Cullensville, once gold mined, good DOC reference here, have to go back to complete the whole track and check out the gold mine workings at the Waikakaho road end.
Short History
A very hot trudge uphill in full on sun, hottest day Ive had a walk since winter! With 25.8 recorded at 3.15 p.m.
From Motueka took, about two hours too drive
to the car park near the end of Cullensville Road.
Car Park Cullensville Road
Interesting info on the board, photos a bit faded, this one shows the recorded amount of gold obtained:
Gold mined record
Walk along the old miners track.
Road leading to miners track
View across valley
Miners track
The derelict hut marked on the map, as there is an old fireplace here, it does seem a reason to have derelict marked, however should also have the hut that exists marked as private.
Private hut
Old fireplace
Private hut
Back at the car and off to the next hut bag.

Trip Times
Saturday 02/11/2019
1208 Headed off to bag the hut
1303 At the hut
1358 Back at the car

Linkwater School WX station
DOC Waikakaho Cullen Creek information

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