Tarn Ridge Hut from Mitre Flats

A crazy Paul and Ian walk down the rabbit hole thru the forest along the rivers. Just living in the moment.

02/03/2007 Friday
About nine in in the evening picked up Paul from his house and then we drove off to the Upper Plain road for a walk into Mitre Flats hut. We started walking about eleven, got snagged by tree dreams.

03/03/2007 Saturday
We did not get to the hut until 0230 Saturday morning, a bit tired but had a nice dram of whisky before bed. A late wander to Tarn Ridge hut.

04/03/07 Sunday
Up early and headed off back out to Mitre Flats then out to the car and back to Wellington. Great day great views.
Tarn Ridge Hut
Table Ridge
Looking up trig on Girdlestone
Girdlestone - looking South
Girdlestone - looking West
Girdlestone - looking North
Girdlestone - looking East