Penn Creek

On my own and knowing that if I want to keep tramping in Wellington I NEED a car.

Friday 24/10/2008
1630 Left work early and heading to the railway station to got the train from Wellington to Otaki. My Dad picked me up and drove me to Otaki. Yes for parents.
2015 Left Otaki Forks heading for Field Hut. Raining. Wet I is.
2158 At Field Hut to food and sleep.

Saturday 25/10/2008
Woken by other people arriving, just after twelve p.m. So out of bed and heading for Penn Creek hut.
1305 Off from Ficlds.
1455 Pen Creek hut.

Sunday 26/10/2008
A bit of a nice day so had a day walk up Pakihore Ridge.
1325 Crossed Pen creek. Cold water. Can see blue sky, so on up Pakihore.
1424 Can not see blue sky! A little rain, can see snow. Getting colder.
An hour to open tops?
1620 Turned back approx an hour or less from the top, snow cold.
1745 Pen Creek hut.

And wow a massive pack arrived filled with every gizmo an outdoor shop wants you to buy. I just wished Id brought my camera.

Monday 27/10/2008

Go meet my Dad at Otaki Forks.
0840 Leaving Penn Creek hut for Table top.
1016 In the open scrub. Two hours to get to field hut, I laugh, should be there by 1100.
1025 On again.
1109 At the hut. Lunch and a joint. Leave 1145ish.
1300 Just on at car park.

Back to Wellington with help from my Dad and a train ride. Really need a car.