Kapakapnui Circuit and Thornhills Hut

A day trip into the sunny Tararua's with Jessie doing the Kapakapanui circuit and bagging Thornhills Hut while we where at it. We got to the trig and it was cold and claggy with no views. Headed back down to the 900m contour to bag Thornhills Hut, by the time we got there it was sunny.
Thornhills Hut
Then back up to the top and on to Kapakapanui Hut for a bite to eat, then a quick blast back down to the car.
View from the top

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Trip Times
0906 Left road end
1118 At the trig
1304 Left trig
1342 At Kapakapanui Hut
1411 Left Kapakapanui Hut
1513 Road end

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