Heaphy Track

Tony, my brother, and I walked the Heaphy track from the Aorere Valley starting at Brown hut and ending at Kohaihai. This is the best way to walk the Heaphy track. Fun thing was the plane flight back to Takaka flying over where we had walked.

The whisky was Highland Park 2001, exclusive for Global Travel Retail, purchased from Melbourne.
Highland Park 2001
Monday 10/03/2014
Drove to Takaka and then shuttled to the start of the Heaphy with Golden Bay Air. Stopped for a drink and look see at Brown Hut and wandered off up the track which got slowly steeper and it was a real warm day. Great view where the trees where not. Good wee jet plane munching spot at Aorere shelter and an oppurtunity to relax with a cuppa and prepare for more of this nicely contouring up.
Aorere Shelter
Tony relaxing at the table
On and more up to Flanagan's corner and out to the look out which had great views of the dragon teeth.
Flanagans Corner
Tony on the table
Then on to the Perry Saddle hut a very well designed hut with good light and views all around. Job well done by Doc and co. This picture was taken from top of Mt Perry the next morning.
Perry Saddle hut and DOC residents
Drank Sprig and Fern Porter beer and whisky here and ate bulghar, meet the Volcanologists who also where in each hut we stayed at.
Sprig & Fern Porter (Nelson beer)
Tuesday 11/03/2014
This hut is better than houses I have lived in, no wonder the National Parks act limits stays. All we needed was a whisky bar, coffee cart, pizza wagon, and Internet. Then I would not have moved an inch until the blue sky wilted.
Perry Saddle hut internals
Another excellent day and as we headed off I decided on a blast up Mt Perry and was rewarded with a very good smoking lounge and views.
Rock Stacks and wall to wall blue sky
Douglas Range
Communication on Mt Perry
Rock, huts, Douglas
Pasted view from Mt Perry
While Tony carried on to Gouland Downs hut where he waited for me. The following photos are from Perry Saddle hut to Gouland Downs hut, enjoyed checking out the shoe tree. Did not find a pair to replace my shoes, which are beginning to fall to pieces.
Shoe Tree
Out on the downs
Gouland Downs hut and when we left this hut it had become a member of the Density Free club.
Gouland Downs Hut
Tony above Shiner Brook
Striding out, passed the 1km to hut snail
Saxon Hut
Saxon hut and the clouds rolled in and the views shrunk away to not much at all, stopped here for lunch and a relax for an hour or so.
Leaving Saxon
Like someone dropped a road here
Lichen Bridge
After the flats got a wee bit bushy and it was warm and we had some rests along the way, its so good out here you can smell the whisky in the air and hear the banjo's on the breeze.
Well placed seat
Nobody home
Still misty
Not so far to James Mackay
And finally at the hut for the night..
James Mackay Hut
Wednesday 12/03/2014
Again we where the last to leave, to many are in a great rush that is not needed. That is probably the only bit I like about great walks and bookings. It means you can take all day and there will still be a place in a hut for you to sleep. It costs more, its beurokratic and regimented like it should not be. Sometimes the whole thought of the greater number of people wandering out in the bush is sad; I so enjoy it when I'm the only one out wandering.
View of the Heaphy
Brother on track
Lewis hut and he looks like he wants to say something
A day of clag but by the time we got Lewis hut that claggy stuff had rolled away. There where a few people here, all moving off, so we stopped here for food.
Leaving Lewis Hut
We did find the walk much more coastal and flatter after leaving Lewis hut, kinda got a Talisker whiff about the walk here on. There was this big tree that we took a few photos at, I'm quite sure that my Johnsered with its 18 inch bar would have been a failure at bowling that beast over.
Brother Tony and a tree
Up in the tree
Heading A4QU
Gunner River Bridge
Weka - view from the rear
Heaphy Hut
And at Heaphy hut, I wandered off for a swim and it wasn't that chill, had a second dip and adjusted cranium as I walked South for a K or two.
Looking South
Looking back at Heaphy hut
And it was a great night for food and sleep, apart from the little flying critters that zipped around when out on the veranda.

Thursday 13/03/2014
A fine clear day so perfect for walking the beach section of the track, jut stick to the coast and ignore the track as much as possible as the track is often wandering thru the beach edge forests with a consistent view of nice trees. The coast means great views South and great views North and walking bare feet in the sand. The new hut is well designed, spacious, and full of light. Views from the dining tables.
Heaphy Hut
Heading to Kohaihai Looking North to Heaphy Bluff
Beach North
Beach South
Tony on bridge
Heading South
Katipo Creek Shelter
Kohaihai Bridge
At Kohaihai and got our taxi that dropped us off at the Karamea airport for our flight back to Takaka.
Karamea Airport
Kohaihai beach
Kohaihai Camp site
Scotts Beach
Heaphy River
Heaphy Hut
Lookin South to Kohaihai
Dragons Teath
Almost Takaka
Landed at Takaka and then drove back to Nelson, our walk ended.

Map and Elevation Profile

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Trip Cost
The costs here are total for both of us, using our car for transport to and from Takaka.

Transport etc. Cost
Locator Beacon$30.00
Petrol to Takaka and return$50.00
Shutttle from Takaka airfield to Aorere Road End$130.00
Each hut night$57.60
Shuttle from Kohaihai to Karamea$30.00
Flight from Karamea to Takaka380.00

There is also the food, beer, and gas we purchased.

Trip Times

There where only two of the nine huts and shelters on the Heaphy that had density. This has been corrected and Gideons will be receiving them back shortly.