Lewis Pass 22-24/04/2011

Checking out the various walks from the Lewis Pass highway based from the Marble Hill campsite.
Friday 22/04/2011
Got to the Marble Hill campsite and set up tent just before rain time.
Saturday 23/04/2011
Headed off up the track to Lake Daniells, lots of mushrooms out on the track.
Sunday 24/04/2011
Drove up Palmers road and checked out the access into the Victoria State Forest, especially Lake Christobel.
Went over the Lewis pass and stopped at the St James walkway entrance and explored the short tracks in the rain.
Map Of Area
BT22 Springs Junction
BT23 Lewis Pass

Looking for North Mangahao Biv

North Mangahao biv is easy to find on the map, however finding the right farm to ask permission to cross land for wasn't.

Saturday 16/04/2011
Got to the right road and checked out the three forks with two farms not answering their doors and the other stating they had never heard of "North Mangahao biv".
More research needed. So headed off down side roads to Putara Road end and walked into Roaring Stag Lodge for Saturday night.

Sunday 17/04/2011
A nice relaxing morning and then a walk out to the car in the rain.

Map BN34

Tarn Ridge Circuit 01 - 03/04/2011

Carl and Ian doing a circuit involving Tarn Ridge and the Waiohine Pinnacles and Pinnacle spur.

Friday 01/04/2011
We drove to Kiriwhakapapa Road end to do a bit of a weird walk. At first look it would seem that starting from the Pines road end would be more logical. It would be except it drops our hut/shelter count. As by doing the Kiriwhakapapa Road end we get a hut bag count of six instead of four.

It was a nice easy walk into Cow Creek hut where we stopped for our evening meal. We sort of expected the next bit from Cow to Mitre to be easy as well; as I had been along here about a year ago and it only took a couple of hours. Its the darkness of the night that changes tracks. We lost the way a couple of times either when in scrub or where there was a bit of tree fall. Cranked up the walk time to over three hours. Finally getting into bed after two am (really Saturday) for a well deserved beer. The longer than expected walk that night did not keep Carl from smiling, warm in his icebreaker gear.
Saturday 02/04/2011
A bit of a cold morning sleeping in light weight bags on the Mitre Flats hut veranda. And it was a slow start to the day as we finally headed off after 10am. Not a real problem as the day was looking better every minute and we did not have far to go.

Sunday 03/04/2011
The long day with what did not look like good weather and started in the clag and wind. Left the Tarn Ridge hut and headed off for Waiohine Pinnacles which is a nice easy uphill wander, just one place was a bit narrow and we took care as the occassional blast of wind moved us.
It was pretty obvious in the clag where the turn off to head down Pinnacle Spur was, as there is a handy pole marking it.


Travel Times
Friday 01/04/2011
1800 Left Kiriwhakapapa Road End heading for Mitre Flats hut.
1916 At turn off to Blue Range hut, went for a walk there and back for a hut tag.
1939 Back at the Blue Range turnoff heading for Cow Creek.
2029 At the sign for Waingawa River.
2129 At Cow Creek hut.
2232 Left Cow Creek hut.
0204 At Mitre Flats
Saturday 02/04/2011
1010 Left Mitre Flats hut.
1335 Mitre Peak.
1529 Tarn Ridge hut.
Sunday 03/04/2011
0734 Left Tarn Ridge hut.
0859 Pinnacle Spur turnoff.
1037 Arete Forks hut.
1222 Left Arete Forks.
1517 Cow Creek hut via river.
1619 Left Cow Creek hut.
1729 At the Waingawa River sign.
1838 At Blue Range hut turnoff sign.
1924 At Kiriwhakapapa Road end.