Red Rocks

Saturday 25/04/2009
Paul and I went to Red Rocks for a day walk and checked out the old observation station above Red Rocks.

Cupola Basin with Tariga

Tariga and I walk up the Travers valley with an aim of staying at Cupola hut.

Friday 10/04/2009
We left Nelson and drove to Lake Rotoiti for a 9.00 am water taxi up to Coldwater hut.
0930 Left Coldwater hut and headed off up the Travers valley.
1033 At Angelus turn off, being followed by that bird again.
Lunched at the open spot before Hopeless creek with a good view of Travers and the peaks in the West.
1440 John Tait hut. Decided to stay at John Tait hut with nine people already going to the eight bunk Cupola hut. Had a good look at the avalance that wiped out the toilet and was close to the hut.

Saturday 11/04/2009
Walked up to Cupola hut and it was a clear warm sunny day.
Stopped to read on the flat rocks after the bridge. Got to the hut then walked up above and had more reading and good views of Cupola.
Sunday 12/04/2009
1000 Left John Tait hut, and there was a variety of fungi on the walk out.
1130 At Hopeless turnoff.
1258 At Travers swing bridge, stopped for lunch.
1504 Coldwater hut and another taxi ride back to the car and soon heading back to Nelson.