Blue Range Hut

On Saturday drove off with Paul (in his car) to Kiriwhakapapa Road end heading to Blue Range hut.

Saturday 9/05/2009
Left the car park just on three and walked into the hut, good amount of fungi.
We walked back out as the hut was full and the guy in control of the motor vechile didnt want to walk furthur to the next hut and had a great desire to go home?

So we drove off back to Wellington and on the way Paul stopped at his mates place to watch some rugby game! And rugby is a game I have no interest in. I rather walk late into the night in the freezing cold rain rather than watch sport on jelly!

Now I understand the lack of tramping conviction, some people would rather drink a beer in a comfy chair and watch rugby rather than go for a walk in the hills.

New rule to self: Never tramp with Paul unless I am in control of vechile!