Cupola Hut Nelson Lakes National Park

Anthony and I headed off to Cupola hut with an aim to climb Cupola the next day.

Friday 4/07/2008
0830 Left Nelson with Anthony.
Drove to Lake Rotoiti and got the water taxi to Cold Water hut.
Started walking just before 11.00am. Snowing on the way up.
1500 John Tait.
1600 Off to Cupola, took 4 hours. Probably 2 hours from zigzag. Chest deep snow in places.
2000 At the hut. Got the fire going.

Saturday 05/07/2008
Left Cupola hut just before eleven heading for John Tait, no way can we climb in this fresh deep snow, probably avalanches for the next day or so.
Walked down to John Tait and stayed there Saturday night.

Sunday 06/07/2008
Left John Tait hut at quarter past nine in the morning.
Walked out to Coldwater hut, snow all the way.
 Waited there to catch the water taxi back to St Arnaud.