Ruahines Totara Spur

First winter trip this year with rain wind and impassable river, causing an extra day of captivity at Upper Makaroro hut. Hut is well maintained, clean, with good stock of fire wood in the porch and the surrounding forest.

Whisky for the trip was a interesting Glendronach, a peaty port pipe finish. Nice mix of flavors.

Saturday 02/06/2018

Not an early start from Wellington. Mid afternoon headed off for a walk into the Ruahines. Heading to Upper Makaroro Hut.
Access to track Sentry Box and beyond
Junction, heading Parks Peak Hut
Parks Peak Hut
Upper Makaroro Hut

Sunday 03/06/2018
Today Kylie Biv for a day trip.
Forest view on way up
Forest view on way up
Forest view on way up
Forest view on way up
Forest view on way up
Some clag on the tops
Kylie Bivouac junction
Not much later when I hit snow I abandoned, a bit chilly in runners and very misty, not much more than one kilometer to bivouac.

Monday 04/06/2018
OK I should have left yesterday afternoon! Stuck. Not crossing the river as its up and fast.
Makaroro River
Makaroro River
Wood gathering time, good up the track.

Tuesday 05/06/2018
Checking the creek at 0600 and see its gone down enough for an attempt. Headed out with a stop at Parks Peak hut to ring family and update them on reason for being a day later.
Sentry Box Hut
Totara Spur
Trip Times
Saturday 02/06/2018
1512 Started walking
1523 Sentry Box hut
1645 Sentry Box,  Aranga, Parks Peak junction
1716 Parks Peak hut
1826 Upper Makaroro Hut
Sunday 03/06/2018
1102 Headed off to Kylie Biv
1249 Kylie Biv Junction
1351 Back at Upper Makaroro Hut
Monday 04/06/2018
0940 Cannot cross creek, continues to rise
Tuesday 05/06/2018
0631 Left hut, crossed creek
0818 Parks Peak Hut
0840 Left Parks Peak hut
0916 Junction
1006 Sentry Box
1012 At car