South Ohau

Jessie, Stevie, and Ian off for explore of Butchers and checking out the escape route from South Ohau.

Saturday 24/08/2013
Meet up at Paods Road end and had a nice walk in up the river, Stevie did discover that it was too cold for a swim.

Sunday 25/08/2013
Gave the hut a good tidy and sorted firewood before going for a wander up Butchers.
Explored the Butchers creek area before heading out via the escape route. There is a bit of beautiful forest up this valley. Well worth a wander if at South Ohau hut.
On the way back down Butchers discovered a log with a large amount of Birds Nest fungi on it.
Once out of the bush before and we joined Gables track we had some good views of the tops, from Dundas all the way to Crawford.
Jessie and Stevie in the open heading for Gables track
Arete and Pukematawai center
Mt Crawford
There where no wee books to remove from the hut.