Mt Fell Hut from Brook Street

Paul and I aim to get to Fell Hut on Saturday and on Sunday go visit the air plane wreck before heading back out to Nelson.

Friday 01/01/2010
The first trip of the new year with Paul. Great sort of sunset views we had as we headed towards Windy Point on our way to Rocks hut.
1855 Headed off to Rocks Hut
1929 Fringed hill Brook Street Junction
2029 Junction Saddle
2110 Windy Point
2145 Dun Saddle
2221 Rocks Hut
Time: 3 hours 26 minutes

Saturday 02/01/2010

0740 Off to Middy
0847 Roebuck Middy Junction
0858 Middy Hut
Time: 1 hour 18 minute

The water box in the trees where we got a cup of water and drank it without boiling. No ill effects.
Finally got to the part of interest and there was no real exposure and the route was not steep and did not require climbing. Still great fun, due to the cloud we lacked views. The following image is looking back down at Paul as he ascends the steepest section.

Stopped for a relax

1005 Left Middy hut and heading up Mount Fell route.
1340 At the water tank
1447 At the chains
1458 On the top
1534 Thru the bush.
1640 On the top
1709 Sign to Fell hut
1717 At Fell hut.

Time:  7 hours 12 minutes

Total Time:  8 hours 30 minutes

Mt Fell Hut
Sunday 03/01/2010
The views are limited by the weather, another wet day.
0926 Off to Mt Fell
1028 Heading down
1055 Into little forest
1201 At chains
1505 At Middy hut

Time: 5 hours 39 minutes

1554 On again.
1614 Roebuck Middy Junction
1805 Rocks hut
1839 Left Rocks hut and headed up to the lookout to take a shortcut that I hadnt used for several years. We got lost here.
1958 Back to look out, then lots of getting lost in the dark.
Approx midnight back to Nelson