This trip involved Paul and I driving a round trip including diversions total kilometers of one thousand two hundred and seventy.

Friday 02/05/2015
As soon as I had completed what I needed to do at work  I headed off home to pack my pack, jump in the car and go get Paul, and then head North all night long to the road end on way to Pinnacles.

This is just driving.

In bivvy bag beside car about 0200 Saturday morning, comfy night just a small rain.

Saturday 03/05/2015
Parked car and started walking by nine, perfect day, overcast, mild, no wind. Easy track starting as a four wheel drive track.

At the start
 The track has had a lot of hours put into over the years.
Pinnacles DOCware
The Pinnacles
At the hut we stopped for lunch and to check the place out, massive thing not really like a hut with its extra rules and being locked out until the hut warden decides its ok to enter.
Pinnacles Hut

Pinnacles Hut
Pinnacles Hut
Left the hut to get as high on the Pinnacles as possible.
Looking out coast ways
The rock stuff
Back to the car and a few hours of driving heading South to Rotorua. In Rotorua, finished Hell Pizza and now onto the whisky, before sleep.
Dun Bheaghan Islay
Sunday 04/05/2015
Baked beans on toast and coffee for breakfast. We left Rotorua heading for some hot pools on the side of the road, relaxing start to the day.

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