Gear List

There is stuff you may need when you go for a tramp or climb and there is stuff you don't need. And sometimes depending on the time of year and or where you are going this pile of stuff can change. Get the lightest stuff you can buy.
  • pack - 30 - 40 litre's for as many days as you can fit food. My favorite packs are Macpac. And the one I use for 1 to 7 nights is the Macpac Pursuit 40 NZAT.
  • sleeping bag - lightweight for October to May, unless real cold. A great bag is the Mount Bell UL Spiral #3 available from iclimb
  • bivvy bag
  • fly, not always needed
  • mattress, not always needed
  • polypro hat, gloves
  • spare cloths if needed
  • head torch and spare batteries
  • cooker, I go for gas and recommend a light titanium one with no gimmicks. Such as this 50 gram stove that you can get for about 60$ at a Kathmandu sale. 
  • Gas for cooker, for four days or less I use a 100 gram gas bottle, if more than four days I take the 230 gram size.
  • billy
  • cup
  • first aid and repair kit, spare lighter etc
  • some inner tubing and a few small candles for fire starting and light
  • map
  • compass
  • water bottle, i like to take two of the .7 to 1 litre water bags, can get for $5 from Kathmandu
  • spoon, not a dork, get metal it dosn't break
  • knife, something multi purpose
  • toilet paper
  • toothbrush toothpaste
  • sunglasses, sunscreen, sunhat
  • food - for breakfast instant porridge sachet, crackers and chees for lunch, and a dehy for evening meal
  • single malt Scotch whisky from a single barrel and cask strength, generally move from glass bottle into a aluminum drink container, best is Islay, Glendronach, Jura, Springbank, or Highland Park (this is optional)
  • smart phone for eBooks, GPS, and telephone 
  • plastic bags for rubbish - carry a few spare as often people leave rubbish in huts and on the way out is a good time to use spare room in your pack to cart out that rubbish
I bought a new alpine pack from Macpac and it is so light, weighing just over 600 grams! 1.5kg lighter than my current favorite pack. Suspect the pursuit 40 alpine series is my new favorite. Comes with a built in mattress. Packed it for a weekend adventure which is two breakfasts, two lunches, and one evening meal and all the other stuff. Weighs a total of 6.1kg. Only 500ml of water in my two litre water bag. Kit on the floor, its my summer gear; got the 600gram sleeping bag thing.
Stuff that dosn't fill this pack