Mt Travers

Paul and I doing the Gunsight Pass trip and climbing Travers by the NW Ridge. We aimed to bivvy out.

Friday 24/01/2003
Paul arrived in Nelson, I picked him up at the airport. Went and did a brief shopping and then off to Lake Rotoiti
1330 Water Taxi up to Coldwater hut.
Walked to Johnnie Tait and stopped for tea at five'ish. Off to Cupola hut, got there and it started to rain. We stayed here and didn't head off for Gunsight bivvy rock. 

Saturday 25/01/2003
1015 Left Cupola with all our gear and walked to Gunsight pass.
Down the other side and headed along the scree towards a saddle that gives access to Travers via the broad West gully. Get a good view looking back at Cupola.
The rock is quite broken and sharp below the saddle NW of Travers.
Almost had to turn back at 2100 m due to a small rock step in our gulley. There are some quartz crystals here, none longer than 10 mm. Hassled Paul into coming, wont detail the persuasion technique used.
1700 Me and Paul got onto the final ridge that heads to the top of Travers. Looking at Cupola on the left and Hopeless on the right, just touching the clouds.
 This view is looking down to Upper Travers hut, approx 1000 meters down.
And Paul on what we call the top having a snack. Looks like some sort of trig or survey mark was once here.
Meet three others from Wellington, they came up the East ridge. We headed down to Summit creek, got to the bivvy rock and decided to head down to Johnnie.

Sunday 26/01/2003
Left John Tait and headed down river, weather clearing on our last day. Much better views, can see Travers cloud free.
Got out to Coldwater hut in time to catch Bill's water taxi. Then back to Nelson.

Map showing Gunsite Pass and route up Travers.

Grand Plateau

A Nelson NZAC trip organised by Ben Winnubst, with an aim to climb the high peak of Cook. There are five of us in the group.

Saturday 11/01/2003

Left Nelson early in the morning and headed to Christchurch down the East Coast to pick up a new Pocket PC. Then on down South to the NZAC Lodge.

Sunday 12/01/2003
Wandered up the Hooker to the monument

Monday 13/01/2003
After luch we finally got the call to fly into Plateu Hut, loading up at airport.
The following photos are from the flight into the Plateau.
We wandered up the Dome for a look see, tomorrow we will head up Cook via the Linda.

Tuesday 14/01/03
Headed up the Linda, stopped at a big schrund at 2700m. Returned to the hut and rested all day. Tomorrow will be Dixon if its safe.

Wednesday 15/01/03
Wandered up Mt Dixon 3004m, was a nice easy straight forward climb. The following photo was taken from the top of Dixon looking down the Tasman.
Snow got a bit soft in the afternoon on the descent.

Thursday 16/01/03
A do nothing day.

Friday 17/01/03
Left Plateau hut at 0445 and headed out from Grand Plateau thru Cinerama col and down the Boyce glacier and out to Ball hut. Got to the car at 1400.

Cupola Explore

Aim to go up to Cupola and check out the access onto Cupola's South Ridge via Gunsight Pass.

Wednesday 01/01/2003
1300 left Nelson and drove to Lake Rotoiti, got a ride in the water taxi up to Cold Water hut.
1430 Off up Travers valley.
1730 At Johnnie Tait, having food etc.
1830 Off to Cupola
2000 At Cupola hut. Went for a few wanders to check things.
2110 Coffe and snack then sleep.

Thursday 02/01/2003
Wandered up to check South Cupola and got to Gunsight Pass. Climbed 1900 meter peak, South of pass. Good view towards Hopeless.
Heading up Peak 1980 SE of Cupola to get a look at that South Ridge start, can see why it is best a winter trip.
 And another view of Hopeless from the Cupola basin.
1320 Left Cupola hut, wandered down the Traver's and snacked at Coldwater hut. Missed the water taxi. Walked to car at Lake from lower robert ridge track exit  and then back to Nelson.