Sentry Box Hut Ruahine

Friday in the North Island so the weekends always start with a long drive before the hut bagging opportunity starts. Yum exercise and much wandering to a new forest for me!

Friday 10/11/2017
Drove to Masters Shelter to add that to the bagging list, then back out on the road heading to Sentry Box car park. Side of the road to park, but lots of space. Several minutes from the car to the empty hut.

Saturday 11/11/2017
Out of bed after ten a.m., nice sleep, none of that road noise or yabbering people that the city is so full of. Steep walk once you leave the hut that's so good for the legs, heart pumping from the start.
Sentry Box Hut
Left Sentry Box quite quickly, and gained altitude into the data zone allowing gratification of two bagged huts. Views back to the valley, seeing my car parked on the road.
View back over valley
Once at the top junction, an easy wander to Parks Peak hut, a bit cold, so gathered firewood for later. After food and drink time to check out the hut down the hill.
Parks Peak Hut
Its a quick walk down the hill, and the hut comes into view several minutes before you arrive. Lots of fresh deer sign around the hut, of just one deer though.
Upper Makororo Hut
This is a very nice setting and a maintained clean hut, good place for an evening with a fire and lots of drams of some peaty monster.
Upper Makororo Hut
Back up the hill to light the fire and feed myself and taste some of the Nikka, that was my trips whisky. Now note I missed the "e". Why did I? Whats going on with this Japanese stuff. There is no "e" on the label.
Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky
Sunday 12/11/2017
Woke to rain, cold icy rain, still seemed like the sun could break thru. Left the hut when the rain stopped.

Dark trees
Undark trees
Empty snail shell on the track, posed it for a photo.
Empty snail
Into the nice track that makes these walks such a joy of the direct sense type with no tangled spaghetti monsters lurking. Soft carpet.
Forest trail
Yep, more forest trail
And then Sentry Box is there and its time to end the weekend and jump in the car and drive and drive.
Sentry Box Hut bringing an end to the weekend
Driving seemed endless.

Trip Times
Friday 10/11/2017
2209 Left car on side of road at the DOC sign to Sentry Box hut
2212 10 minutes to hut sign
2217 Sentry Box hut
Saturday 11/11/2017
1058 Left Sentry Box hut
1233 On top at junction
1302 Parks Peak hut
1405 Left Parks Peak hut
1458 Upper Makororo hut
1525 Left Upper Makororo hut
1657 Parks Peak hut
Sunday 12/11/2017
1043 Left Parks Peak hut, heading to car
1204 Sentry Box hut
1205 Left Sentry Box hut
1211 At car 


No fish! Good clean forest.