Begley Saddle Not

Anthony and I aim to go over Begley Saddle and climb Cotterell Peak at Nelson Lakes. Due to my navigation (rather lack of it) we missed the saddle and swung NE, instead of SE.

Friday 06/04/2007
0745 Left Anthony's house in Motueka and headed to Lake Rotoiti.
0900 At lake, talked to Bill as he was down there, boat ride up with Callum; Bills son in law. Lovely weather.
0930 Left Coldwater Hut. It is being done up by DOC at present.
1025 At Hukere Stream turnoff.
1210 Near Hopeless Creek turnoff. Viewing Mt. Travers.
Mt Travers in the distance
1354 At John Tait hut. Stopping for lunch.
1430ish On again.
1650 At Upper Travers hut. A few people here.

Saturday 07/04/2007

Out of bed and off up to Begley saddle.

We went up and up and  over a Saddle. Did not look like the saddle, but we proceeded and ended up in a high valley parallel to the Travers. We did not know it and the valley we went into was the Travers. Spotted a marker then hit a track. Where there should be no track! We ended up on the Travers track, so back to Upper Travers hut.

Sunday 08/04/2007
0740 Out of bed getting ready for a wander up to Begley and onto Kehu.
0900 Left hut.
1230 On top of Kehu, having lunch and coffee here.
Anthony on top of Kehu
View towards the saddle
Looking across at Travers
Ian and Anthony - yep ! fashion head wear
1330 Leaving Kehu.
Looking back at Kehu
1530 Back at Upper Travers hut. Awesome day we had.
Anthony at Upper Travers
Monday 09/04/2007
Early up and walk out to Cold Water to get water taxi.

Map showing Kehu

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