North Ohau

No Friday night take off.

Saturday 05/07/2014
It wasnt until after two that I shouldered my pack and headed off across the paddocks on my way to North Ohau hut. The night trips are always more interesting with the nocturnal life wandering about.
North South Ohau Junction
And the little comfy hut empty, I enjoy coming here as its a place not often visited and always clean and tidy.
North Ohau Hut
 Sunday 06/07/2014
A very relaxing morning cleaning the hut and doing some wood gathering, and time to relax in the sun staring at the bush, before heading back to the city.
View from North Ohau hut
Relaxing in the sun
The wander down the wee river is always refreshing.
The first gorge
Had a lunch stop to further enjoy the mid winter sun, before getting into the car and heading to city.

Trip Times
1418 Left Poads Road
1513 Into the Ohau
1550 North South Ohau fork
1638 North Ohau
1234 Left North Ohau hut
1337 North South Ohau fork
1425 Out of the Ohau onto the track
1528 At Poads Road

Took 2 hours 20 minute, with no stops to North Ohau in great weather.
Return trip was 3 hours 2 minutes, with a smoko break in the sun and more great weather.