Te Matawai

This weekend had near perfect weather and excellent visability as could see inland Kaikoura and Seaward Kaikora range and Ruapeha in the North. Egmont was covered in cloud. The walk up the river in my running shoes was a bad idea as it was chilly, had ice blocks by the time got to South Ohau hut

Friday 27/07/2012
Drove to the familiar Paods road and hit the farm land fast heading for the Ohau.
Saturday 28/07/2012
Visited by little birdie.
 Had my normal lazy morning, and wandered off at lunch time leaving South Ohau hut and heading for the hills.
Got to Te Matawia and had a clear blue sky.
Chopper pad view
Got to Te Matawai and dropped off my gear, just carried on with the essentials for a day walk. Camera battery failed so using cell phone for photos. Heading up Arete, great views of Dundas with a little icing on it.
To Arete
More closer to Arete
Did not get to Dundas even though it was a most perfect day. Did check out the hut book and see that I have had 17 weekends at this hut since 20/09/2009. The reason is that is easily accesiable on a Friday night after work and from here there are multiple places to go. Tracks, routes, river valley's and good bush bashes. Blame it on Leslie Adkin, he spotted the old glaciation in the valley he named Park River.

Sunday 29/07/2012
Heading for Paods Road, car, Wellington.

Trip Times
1640 Left Poads Road car park
1733 Off the track into the Ohau
1805 North. South Ohau junction
1925 South Ohau hut
1242 Left South Ohau hut
1336 YEates junction
1400 Te Matawai hut
1050 Left Te Matai hut, heading down Yeates
1151 South Ohau hut
1219 Left South Ohau hut
1414 Out of the Ohau river
1512 Poads Road car park

Neill Forks

Saturday 21/07/2012
Neill Forks is one of my favorite huts in the Tararua's, plenty of places to explore from here.
Little Path thru the trees
Forest trees :-)
On the way in heading off Cone Ridge had a view of Tuita and Tunui.
This hut is easy to warm up and fuel is abundant all around the hut. Most perfect spot for a dram.
Sunday 22/07/2012
Walk back out day.

Trip Time
Saturday 21/07/2012
1057 Left car at Holdsworth Road end
1136 Rocky Lookout
1159 Junction to Totara Flats
1225 Cross Totara Creek
1315 Totara Flats hut
1348 Left Totara Flats hut for track up Cone Ridge
1553 Cone Ridge junction to Neill Forks hut
1648 Neill Forks hut
Sunday 22/07/2012
1114 Left Niell Forks hut
1251 On top of Cone Ridge
1427 Totara Flats hut
1502 Left Totara Flats hut
1611 Last crossing of Totara Creek
1656 At junction
1723 Rocky Lookout
1755 Holdsworth Road end

Penn Creek

A small walk into Penn Creek hut cause I could not be bothered going Friday night.

Saturday 07/07/2012
Drove to Otaki Forks and then walked into Penn Creek Hut.
Got there just after five as the light faded, and gathered wood. Lite the fire and then had a very interesting smoke filled evening. Not sure if it would have been warmer with no fire and closed windows or fire going with open windows? Very smokey.
Sunday 08/07/2012
Had a wander around to find some more wood.
Left the hut after two and then had a stop at the creek before heading off uphill. Got to the car with fading light, had to use my torch for the last ten minutes. All in all a great wee trip, cleaned up both huts as someone had left rubbish in them.

Trip Times
Saturday 07/07/2012
1354 Left car at Otaki Forks
1537 At Fields hut
1541 Left Fields hut
1608 Turn off to Penn Creek
1709 Penn Creek Hut

Sunday 08/07/2012
1422 Left Penn Creek Hut
1620 At Penn Creek track turnoff on Judd Ridge
1640 Fields hut
1810 At car at Otaki Forks.


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Two. Two down, Fields and Penn.