Penn Creek

A small walk into Penn Creek hut cause I could not be bothered going Friday night.

Saturday 07/07/2012
Drove to Otaki Forks and then walked into Penn Creek Hut.
Got there just after five as the light faded, and gathered wood. Lite the fire and then had a very interesting smoke filled evening. Not sure if it would have been warmer with no fire and closed windows or fire going with open windows? Very smokey.
Sunday 08/07/2012
Had a wander around to find some more wood.
Left the hut after two and then had a stop at the creek before heading off uphill. Got to the car with fading light, had to use my torch for the last ten minutes. All in all a great wee trip, cleaned up both huts as someone had left rubbish in them.

Trip Times
Saturday 07/07/2012
1354 Left car at Otaki Forks
1537 At Fields hut
1541 Left Fields hut
1608 Turn off to Penn Creek
1709 Penn Creek Hut

Sunday 08/07/2012
1422 Left Penn Creek Hut
1620 At Penn Creek track turnoff on Judd Ridge
1640 Fields hut
1810 At car at Otaki Forks.


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Two. Two down, Fields and Penn.

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