Neill Forks Hut

30/06/2012 Saturday
A solo Saturday afternoon wander to Neill Forks hut. A great hut for the winter time as it has a warm stove and always lots of wood available.
A nice walk into Totara Flats hut and a stop for a cup of tea before continuing. Once up on Cone ridge with the temperature dropping had to stop and put hat and gloves on.
Got to Neill Forks and first thing was to crank up the fire. Then cook food and relax with a nice whisky.

01/07/2012 Sunday
Hut has had a good cleanup and paint job since I was here last August.
Neill Forks hut
Left after lunch and a wee wander down the river, that was too cold to continue.

Trip Times
Saturday 30/06/2012
1431 Left Holdsworth carpark
1512 Rocky Lookout
1519 Left Rocky Lookout
1540 Totara Flats turnoff
1653 Totara Flats hut
1723 Left Totara Flats hut
1939 Neill Forks turnoff on Cone Ridge
2033 Neill Forks hut
Sunday 01/07/2012
1222 Left Neill Forks hut
1341 On Cone Ridge
1504 At Totara Flats hut
1531 Left Totara Flats hut
1724 Totara Flats turnoff
1744 Rocky Lookout
1824 Holdsworth Road end

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