Te Matawai

Looks like some heavy weather this weekend so decided to head to Te Matawai hut either up South Ohau or Waiopehu. All depends on the temperature Friday evening.

Friday  15/06/2012
Its was cold and with a late start time of ten thirty Friday evening the river route lost. Walking to Wiaopehu with what looked like potential rain later. Spotted some nice mushrooms on a dead stump.
As I got close to Wiaopehu the rain turned to snow that was settling. Got there after one, not too cold.

Saturday 16/06/2013
Walking to Te Matawai today and probably nothing more than gathering firewood as Im wearing light shoes. Didnt expect snow, the view from the hut in the morning.
The trig looks like a 1920's Scifi prop with a time travellers grave.
Later looking back into the grey with the ice track ribbon.
Love the winter with fresh snow and the way the light is so much more bright.
Near the junction see another mushroom.
Snow in forest
View from chopper pad
Sunday 17/06/2012
Left Te Matawai after lunch heading down to South Ohau to check the water temperature. Got to South Ohau and its still a bit chill and the water temperature is very chill. Had a cuppa in the hut and then decided that the escape route was a better choice than the very cold feet route.

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