Te Matawai

Queens Birthday weekend tramp in the Tararua's on my own, weather not too good. Just want to go some where walking in the rain, getting wet and have a fire sipping whisky and reading some books.

Friday 01/06/2012
Got to Poads Road end at and headed off to South Ohau just before 10pm. What a cold trip, the walk up the river was numbing cold and I did not get to South Ohau hut until after one on Saturday morning.  I did not know if I had any feet. Had to get a fire going and warm up, so hit the sack eventually sometime after three in the morning.

Saturday 02/06/2012
Did not wake up until mid day and had a slow lunch and finally left South Ohau after three and headed off up to Te Matawai. Dumped my gear and went for a quick walk up to Pukematawai while there where views.
Yeates track Junction
Sunday 03/06/2012
Not much done today as its a bit claggy. The hut weta did provide some interest in the evening.
Monday 04/06/2012
The best day so far and Im walking out down South Ohau. A bit of a view as I left Te Matawai. Walked with this other guy who had a shooter and was wearing a hat. There where three of us solo wanderers in the hut last night.
Te Matawai - view from chopper pad
The guy with a shooter wearing a hat
Trip Times
Friday 01/06/2012
2152 Left Poads Road car park
0102 South Ohau hut
Saturday 02/06/2012
1524 Left South Ohau hut
1627 yeates junction
1656 Te Matawai hut
Monday 04/06/2012
0936 Left Te Matawai
0958 Yeates track junction
1037 At South Ohau hut
1054 Left South Ohau hut
1214 North South Ohau junction
1405 Poads Road

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