Lookout Range

Ben and I did an brief explore of Lookout and Hope Range  as a  day trip.

Sunday 13/04/2003
0710 Ben devised an interesting trip across an interesting rang, so I went with him. He picked me up early morning and we headed out of Nelson.
0900'ish walking.
Enjoyed the rock formations on this range
1200 Having lunch on the Hope range.
1355 On Lookont Range, headed along the range and down a gulley sidling back to the Hope range.
1833 Off back to Nelson, heard a Kea on the way out.

The following map shows the area.

Richmond Range Trip

Ian Hunt, Brian Sheridan,  Richard Beumont, and Ian Hunt off to the Richmond ranges to check out the Union Airways Electra that crashed in 1942.

Monday 31/03/2003
Meet up with Brian at Katmandu in Nelson, got a few bits and off to Picton to get Richard.
We then headed off to Lake Chalice. Went for a bit of a wander to the lake and then back to the hut for food.

Tuesday 1/04/2003
Woke and got fed and its raining. We wandered around the lake in the rain, did the full track, in about two hours.
1350 Back at the hut, still raining.
1617 Went up to the car and got the weather report from Brian's Dad Tom:
Clearing tonite.
Clear tomorrow with Cold southerly
Clear and nice thursday
Clagging in again friday, probably in the West and not these ranges

That seems promising.

Wednesday 2/04/2003
Headed off up to car and drove off to Road end up Timms creek for our Richmond caper.
1143 Left car.
1621 At Fell hut.
1641 Brian and Richard arrived.
At Fell hut on the Richmond range. Took us under 5 hours to get here.
Eating food etc.
No views, cold.

Thursday 3/04/2003

Headed off to plane crash area.
Went all over the place and found big chunks and the engine. There is a plaque on the hill to the people, three men and two woman.
In the afternoon, about 1600 headed off to Fell peak.

Friday 04/04/2003
Wandered off to Mt Richmond in the morning and then back to the hut for a bit of food etc.

The walk to Mt Richmond was awesome a bit of a cold wind but lots of clear sky and no rain. Only was Brian and I as Richard has a bit of a back issue. Awesome views.
Back to find Richard and then back to the hut.
Headed off out down to the car.
Got there first and had a brief swim in the river - cold as.
Drove off to Picton and got hot chips, dropped Richard off at the ferry.
Drove off to Nelson and dropped off Brian in Richmond, saw his Dad breifly.