Bushline Hut

Took Tariga for a night tramp to Bushline hut.

Friday 02/06/2006
We started walking from Robert Ridge car park just after seven p.m. The view was a sea of clouds with  moon shine as we ascended the zig zag.

Saturday 03/06/2006
Left Bushline hut after lunch and headed down Paddys track back to car on Robert Ridge.
A bit of a chilly day, and nice drive back to a much warmer Nelson.

Mt Cupola

Paul and Ian off up Lake Rotoiti to climb Cupola.

1630 Left Nelson.
1800 Boat ride up the lake with Bill, and then off up to Cupola hut, didnt get there till after midnight.

Got out of bed at a nice late time of eleven a.m. to go climb Cupola.
1200 Left hut.
1500 Got to the top. Cannot see tops of Hopeless or Travers. Can see Tapanuku.
1530 Off back down.


At Coldwater hut and while waiting for Paul to arrive helped get a fire going for the two woman from Eastern Euope. Finally Paul turned up and then Bill in his water taxi so a quick ride back down the lake.

Able Tasman Coast Track

Tariga aged ten and I walk and water taxi along the Abel Tasman Coastal walk. We booked our huts one week before we headed off.  Cost per night for me was $25.00 and Tariga was $12.50.

  Date         Details                Adults  Children/Youth   Fee
  18 Jan 2006  Anchorage Hut             1                   37.50
  18 Jan 2006  Bark Bay Hut              1            1
  18 Jan 2006  Awaroa Hut                1            1      37.50
  TOTAL COST                                                112.50

We had three boat rides from Aqua Taxi and this was a total of $85.00. And had a few visits to Awaroa Lodge for meals and beverage.

Wednesday 18/01/2006
We drove to Marahau Beach and parked at the Aqua Taxi place and waited for our boat ride to Anchorage.
Where dropped off at Anchorage and sorted at the mid afternoon. Munched food and wandered up and down the beach.
Thursday 19/01/2006
Left Anchorage hut at about 0830'ish and it was a nice wee wander.
Took us 3 hours to get to Bark Bay, staying the night at Bark Bay hut. Went for a swim at Medies camp.
Today Tariga's hat was lost. Yesterday it wasn't lost and now at this time it is not lost. A period of lostness and time of found.
Light with orange type edge flows glances on bark, tree edged stuff. Timeless. Eat drink. More walk then off to bed.

Friday 20/01/2006
Maybe a bit of a sleepin?
Walked to Tonga Quary and had lunch a swim and got a boat to Awaroa Hut. Left our stuff at the hut and walked to Awaroa Lodge for afternoon tea. Yummy. Then off to the beach for some sun. Later back to Awaroa Lodge for evening meal. Awsesome service etc. Tariga and I both had delicious deserts.
The Ravioli was the best I have ever had! What an amazing meal it was. Cook max. Nice walk back.
Saturday 21/01/2006
This is our last day here as we head for home today. I was the last one in bed and the hut warden was impatient to do sweeping and stuff. Boaring. Maybe lunch at Awaroa Lodge? Boat ride back to Marahau and back to what we do to be able to have time in the places of few.