Looking for North Mangahao Biv

North Mangahao biv is easy to find on the map, however finding the right farm to ask permission to cross land for wasn't.

Saturday 16/04/2011
Got to the right road and checked out the three forks with two farms not answering their doors and the other stating they had never heard of "North Mangahao biv".
More research needed. So headed off down side roads to Putara Road end and walked into Roaring Stag Lodge for Saturday night.

Sunday 17/04/2011
A nice relaxing morning and then a walk out to the car in the rain.

Map BN34


izogi said...

How old is your map? I don't know if there still is a North Ohau Biv, but North Ohau Hut was put in three or four years ago and is relatively easy to find up the North Ohau past Deception Spur (where N.Ohau meets S.Ohau). I think it's an NZDA operated hut and is apparently really nice although small.

Trippy Tramping said...

Should not write blog late at night ment to state "North Mangahao Biv".

George said...

Hi there,

I realise this is 6 months on from your post - did you ever make it to this biv? I've been looking at wandering in there myself, but I think from the Palmerston North side.