Tutuwai in the Rain

Saturday 02/08/2014
A walk in very heavy rain complete with two creek crossings that where difficult. Like the new wallpaper at Smiths Creek, good one VUWTC.
Smith Creek Shelter
Smith Creek Shelter
Took a photo each way of the rising water from the Tauherenikau swing bridge.
Tauherenikau River
Tauherenikau River
Wetter and wetter I sloshed on, camera crashed and would not boot. Too wet.

Had some serious thoughts about crossing the last few streams as they where no gentle ankle crossing, they had become rushing torrents. Got over them by finding safe crossings upstream and finally got to the hut just on dark. Wet right thru, with fire on my mind.

Arrived at Tutuwai and looked like someone had to leave in a rush. They did not have time to pick up their beer can or clean up the half eaten food. Why is it that people come to back country huts and leave rubbish? It happens (seems to be most huts, except hunting huts), so easiest thing is to carry a few spare rubbish bags in your pack. Then when you leave take the offending rubbish with you. Same goes for fire wood, some people burn it all and then leave. Again its easy to replace before leaving, especially since most of the Tararua huts are in forests. Its easier to leave it better than you found it, and enjoy doing so.

Once the hut was warm and toasty dried out my droid and got it functioning. Next one will be a waterproof one.

Sunday 03/08/2014
Did a clean up of Tutuwai hut and carried out tins, bottles, and assorted decaying food items. Visitor..
Trip Times
1407 Headed off up Dobsons from Kiwi Ranch car park
1538 Smiths Creek shelter
1728 Arrived Tutuwai hut
1302 Left Tutuwai hut
1436 Swing Bridge
1457 Smiths Creek shelter
1645 Kiwi Ranch

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