Totara Flats with Tariga

Making the most of having us all here in Wellington and taking Tariga to Totara Flats hut for a weekend tramp. Her second Tararua's tramp.

Friday 25/05/07
By ten Tariga and I where in our sleeping bags in the yellow tent at Holdsworth camping ground. It is a cold evening, probably have a frost.

Saturday 26/05/07
Packed up the tent and breakfasted and then headed off to Totara Flats about ten. Rest time at Rocky Lookout.
Long day for us but no problem. At the hut after a rest and food we played hacky. Went for wee walk back across the bridge.

Sunday 27/05/07
Back to the car today. Stopped in river and had lunch before heading up the hill. Up the hill was the best variety of fruiting bodies ever, for me in the Tararua's.

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