Aokaparangi Hut

Paul and I on another yet again more Tararua wanders; checking out another bivouac that is now a hut.

Thursday 25/09/2008
2100'ish Left Wellington and drove to Holdsworth road end. Off to Powell hut, thinking of wife and daughter. Took approx 2hours 40 to get there.

Friday 26/09/2008
A very nice day. Paul left 1 hour before me heading to Mid Waiohine hut. We meet up there and had lunch at the river with a beer, maybe not such a good idea :-). Then off up to Aokaparangi. What a walk.
1600ish At hut.

Saturday 27/09/2008
0615 Left Aoakaparangi.
0930 At Mid Waiohine, Paul is a bit lazy asked me to fill his water, cause his legs hurt.
1030 Let Mid Waiohine hut.
1235 At bush open to Isabel... Waiting for Paul. Having a smoke.
1540 At Powll.
1630 Left Powll.
1830 Out and Paul is absolutely shattered, the trip out took 4 hours longer than it should have. Cramping thighs etc. Just maybe too much beer?

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