Maungahuka Hut

Paul and I doing a trip from Otaki forks and our aim is to go over the Tararua Peaks. The ladder thing.

Friday 27/03/2009
Paul and Ian trip from Otaki Forks. As usual a decision to leave Wellington early ends up starting with a bit of a visit and session. We get to Otaki Forks just on 10.00pm.

2210 Left the car park and headed off up to Fields hut. On the way snapped a wee snail in the dark.
2350 At Fields hut, caught up with a group of three and the hut is full. Awesome gives us a good reason to keep going. With a the light rain and light wind it should be a nice walk down to Penn Creek.

Saturday 28/03/09
0156 At Penn Creek hut and its empty. Time for some sleep.
1130 Left Penn Creek hut. And what a trip. The green of the rain forest, luxurious growth and then a clear view to the twins.
Out of the bush we disturbed two deer, then we ourselves heard and saw a glider doing the range.
What a wander with the high winds and steep exposed crossing. Surprised at the growth of the ladder and wire ropes on the most risky bits. Made it easy.
 1620 At Maungahuka hut. A total time of 5 hours 10 minutes, slow.
Sunday 29/03/09
0856 Wx is windy and claggy. I.e. Wes in a cloud. What way out?
0950 Left Maungahuku and we in cloud. Not a storm.
1330 Bridge Peak.
1440 At Fields hut.
1650 At Otaki and we finished with a chilly swim.
7 hours total.

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