Jumbo Hut

Some guy and I went to do a Jumbo Holdsworth circuit but due to the snow didn't get from Jumbo to Holdsworth. Lots of fun had.

Friday 09/10/2009
An uneventful walk in the dark and got to Atiwhakatu just after 2300 hours.

Saturday 10/10/2009
Walked up to Jumbo hut and as we got higher snow was settling on the trees as well as the ground.
Out in the open sky has the dead grey look.
Sunday 11/10/2009
Went for a walk up to Jumbo and it was either blue sky or clag, quite cold under foot for us as we where not wearing boots.
Modified foot ware system to combat the cold? Or are they socks?
And a picture of trees doing there hill pattern on the way out.

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