Stuart and I did a late night spin into the Tararua'a hoping to get to to Anderson Memorial for Saturday night. Then out on the Sunday. Weather was not suitable. This was the "creepy doll trip" as this wee doll was tied to a pole up on Shoulder Knob.
Friday 27/11/2009
We headed off real late and where passing the old boiler at 0030, so it was Saturday already. Saw quite a few eels in the Otaki river when we took the sort cut across to the hut.  Got to the hut pretty late and made a bit of noise waking the few occupants.

Saturday 28/11/2009
Woke to thunderous rain and a swollen river. I did go for a walk to the swing bridge and acheived a significant amount of wetness.
Back to the hut to relax and drink tea with Stuart and hope for a better next day.
Sunday 29/11/2009
The weather had become fine and sunny such a diff to the Saturday, so we had to go for a blast up Shoulder Knob for some views.
On the way out took more snaps of the old steel.
The siddle to get above the slip grows longer each year.
We got back to the car at Otaki Forks just after seven.

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