Blue Range Hut

No real aims just a weekend in the hills and if it lines up go over Bannister.

03/06/2010 Thursday
Drove to Kiriwhakapapa road end, a bit later than I wanted to. Headed off in the dark and as my torch was dimming stopped to change batteries and discovered no spares. Blue Range it is now, was heading to Cow Creek.

And the whisky is that one we would never give away as its the worlds tastiest single malt Scotch whisky. Lagavulin 16yo.
04/06/2010 FridayLeft Blue Range hut sometime before lunch heading to Saddle over track not maintained. Not a bad track, still well worn and real obvious. No compass needed. Headed up Waingawa and stopped in the windless sun for a lunch before some more track not maintained.

Lost in the scrub for a while, looking for the access to the spur down to Cow Creek, gave up bush bashing after smoking lounge discovered.

Cow creek was a full hut via chopper, heading to Blue Range as I decided earlier to not biv.

05/06/2010 Saturday
Not much walking today, hanging out at Blue Range.

The rock has views, the rock is 5 minutes from the hut.

06/06/2010 Sunday
Woke up to gentle rain and left the hut in heavy rain. Wet. A fifty minute wander back to the car and a Tui.

Map of Wandering

and there was no density to remove from huts...

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